Curable if you act fast

Curable if you act fast

Breast cancer is a formidable disease feared by women around the world as it is believed to be 'incurable'.But in reality, if the patients get diagnosed and treated in the early stage, there is still a' chance 'to cure it permanently ,

It is currently unclear as the cause of breast cancer, but it is evident that it is the growth hormone that accelerates the growth of breast tissue cells. Those cells will eventually become 'cancer cells'.

Statistics shows that 100 out of 100,000 women in Europe and USA have suffered from breast cancer. In Thailand, the number is around 30 in 100,000 women, which means that from 30 million Thai women nationwide, there will be 10,000 cancer patients every year. As the trend is growing exponentially, breast cancer has become a prominent public health problem in Thailand. It is currently no.

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