Curious things to know more about London

London is home to a multitude of legends and curiosities that you must know, to fully enjoy the charms of this destination.

The fabulous city of London has a lot of secrets and curious things that you should know, either before traveling or simply as data to take into account. The rich cultural and historical variety is something essential to know, since it is a destination rich in legends and in data that attract the attention of tourists.

If you want to meet in an old subway car, now is your chance. Supperclub Tube It is a restaurant run by chef Beatriz Maldonado, from Colombia. Provides the experience to all diners to enjoy typical products of Latin America and fresh and different flavors, in addition to being able to do it in an authentic old train car.

Bloomsbury Pub

There are many pubs all over London and some of them have a curious bell. It is not an ornament, since it is used to sound when there are votes on motions in the Parliament. In such a way, that if there is a deputy inside a pub around Parliament, he can know that he has to return to vote.

Though it’s been time since the discovery of electricityThe truth is that in London there are still many working gas lamps, street lamps that have a lot of history and that run on gas. They are undoubtedly very interesting historical elements, which can be see areas of Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Westminster, ideal to enjoy a night walk through London, by the light of these gas lamps.

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The hightgate cemetery It is one of the most famous in the city and houses 50,000 people, who rest eternally. One of the best known is Karl Marx, an important German philosopher of the 19th century, with works known as the Communist Manifesto. It is very popular and its tombstone is of historical interest and you can take advantage of it to see the beautiful cemetery and other tombstones.

If you are vegan then you will be interested to know that the Hilton London Bankside has a totally vegan room. Those clients who stay in this place will have the possibility to enjoy all the comforts but nothing has been Tested on or comes from animals. Of course, a differentiated menu with vegan products is offered and everything is suitable for a very satisfactory vacation.

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