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Tesco Community Champions Liz Cairns Jones and Gemma Morrison

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Tesco Community Champions Liz Cairns Jones and Gemma Morrison

Tesco customers are invited to cast their votes to help community projects in Cumbria and Lancashire collect up to £ 25,000 this summer.

The supermarket is celebrating its 100th anniversary with two dedicated pockets full of help financing rounds with a huge funding potential of £ 100,000.

Bags of Help, which is run in partnership with Groundwork, is awarded to thousands of municipal projects each year.

Customer voting in the first of these special rounds will kick off in July, focusing on groups delivering health and well-being services in line with Tesco's National Health Partnership. A particular focus is on groups working against cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

In Cumbria and Lancashire, customers will vote for the following selected groups:

  • Cancer Care North Lancashire and South Cumbria – Helping teens with cancer and loss
  • Cardiac risk at Young Screening clinics in Cumbria and Lancashire
  • My Colorful Memories C.I.C – Art Health Dementia Training in the Northwest

Grants of 25,000, 15,000 and 10,000 pounds sterling can be awarded, with blue chips given to customers at the cash desks.

So far, Bags of Help has spent more than £ 2 million on thousands of local projects in Cumbria and Lancashire.

Another round of voting will begin later this year with more projects in cash. The funds will reach more than 30 regions each round, with a total of an incredible £ 3,300,000 to win.

Alec Brown, head of the Tesco community, said: "In 2019, we celebrate a century in which we offer our customers a high added value. And what could be better than celebrating this event with our flagship community grant program, "Bags of Help," to help more groups and organizations contribute to make a difference across the UK.

"We encourage our customers to register their votes while they are in business and support projects that bring health and wellbeing effects to their region."

Graham Duxbury, General Manager of Groundwork, said, "This is an exciting time for 'Bags of Help' as many more communities have the opportunity to apply for large amounts of funding that can leave a positive and lasting legacy in their place of residence."

Anyone can suggest a project for Bags of Help, and organizations and groups interested in learning more or applying should visit www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp.