CUT delivered a letter to La Moneda asking the government to stop the climate of violence that generates around the 18-O anniversary – Radio Nuevo Mundo

Leaders of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores delivered a letter to Sebastián Piñera to demand that the government stop the climate of violence that is generating in the face of October 18, the first anniversary of the social outbreak.

This was expressed by the president of the Central Unitary of Workers, Bárbara Figueroa, who warned that the announcement of more than 40,000 police officers in the streets this Sunday, arises as a strategy to repress the social movement and instill fear in the population.

Bárbara Figueroa said that the Executive insists on imposing the idea that the debate is social peace versus violence, which, in her opinion, is not the center of the problems that afflict the country.

For his part, the vice president of communications for the multigremial, Eric Campos, called on citizens to demonstrate peacefully on October 18 and not fall for the provocations of a police force that show their lack of control day by day.

In the opinion of the CUT helmsman, the most important challenge for workers is to end this economic or social model and for this the first step is to vote for the change to a new constitution on October 25.


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