Da Star Wars 2021: Star Wars: Luke Skywalker’s severed hand ‘seeks’ answers

Unot one of the most intense moments of the saga of Star Wars It is given in the fifth installment. ‘Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back’. The Luke Skywalker’s hand. Darth Vader cuts her off in that confrontation. But that sequence has brought a queue.

After ms from 40 to, It has been revealed the fate of Luke’s severed limb and has been through the comic Marvel Darth Vader # 11. This can answer one of the most controversial topics of the most recent installment, Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.

Recreation of the Star Wars comic showing Skywalker’s hand.

The comic recounts the after. Through that number 11 of the Darth Vader comics it is discovered that Luke’s hand is found in a container of some genetic research laboratories. from Palpantine on the planet Exegol, a place Vader travels to and which we later saw in Episode IX.

Right nowst to see if these suspicions are finally confirmed about genetic experiments from Luke’s hand, through the format that Disney deems most convenient through movies, series, comics or video games.


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