Steven Augustine, 32, has been fighting for his life since May 2018 (Photo: Stevens Medical Fundraising)

The family of a man who was cruelly beaten with a half-skull and paralyzed, appealed to "justice", his attacker having served only 72 days in prison.

Steven Augustine, 32, of New York, has been fighting since May 28 in a coma, after being beaten with a baseball bat while he was walking home from work.

The surgeons had to remove the left side of his skull after breaking it during the attack.

His family is also raising funds for surgery so that doctors can build a metal "skull" to protect his brain.

The father of two has a recurrent brain syndrome – a rare complication after a major craniectomy – which made Steven feel like he had lost half of his head.

His heart-broken mother, 56-year-old Donna, who has been with her throughout this ordeal, says her health is getting worse.

Donna says the family is outraged that Steven's attacker, Charles L. Miles, was charged with a misdemeanor and only served 72 days of his 365-day sentence in the county jail. Ulster, New York.

Steven was assaulted while returning home after work (Photo: Stevens Medical Fundraising)

Although Steven does not remember the exact details of the attack, his doctors claimed that his injuries were consistent with the fact that he had been beaten with a baseball bat.

Despite the doctor's opinion, the lawyers say that Miles hit Steven once and that his brain injury was caused by a fall back.

Ulster County Attorney Holley Carnright told ABC 7 that, as Miles did not intend to cause serious injuries to Augustine, his office could not carry any money. accusation of crime.

Carnright said, "The wounds he sustained on his face correspond to one punch.

Steven's family says he's sorry (Photo: Stevens Medical fundraising)

"The fracture of the skull was consistent with a fall back."

However, Steven's mother, Donna, said, "Steven's hospital records clearly indicate that his injuries are caused by a blunt trauma, probably caused by a baseball bat, and that the man who did it is now free.

"The damage could not have happened after a punch.

"The left side of the head broke with multiple skull fractures in the head and face and bleeding to the brain.

"Charles L. Miles has been sentenced to a light sentence and I wish justice for my son who fights every day for his life."

His family raises funds for "life-saving treatment" (Photo: Stevens Medical Fundraising)

She added: "I'm heartbroken, my son is vegetated".

"Our whole family has been destroyed; we will never be the same again.

"Steven is a twin and his brother Brian is distraught, they have done everything together and now his brother is fighting for his life."

According to Donna, doctors have tried to replace the bone with a steel plate, but this one has been infected twice.

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At the same time, he suffers from severe epileptic seizures and the drugs that stop them damage his liver.

She adds, "The operation he needs could save his life, it would be like the liquid around him and protect him – a slight bump in the current area could be fatal, his skin protecting only his brain."

"My boy is fighting every day. he wakes up every time I walk in the room and he can blink to say yes and no.

"He cries every time he sees his sons Michael, seven, and Steven Junior, eleven, and they cry because their dad misses them a lot."

You can help Steven's family raise money here.