Dad shoots his wife and two dead children after sharing the Disney World family photo

A dad killed his wife and two children before shooting himself into a suspected murder.

American border guard Ezequiel Almodovar, 39, a customs officer at the Orlando International Airport in Florida, was found dead at home on Thursday along with his wife Marielis Soto, 38, and two teenage children, Ezequiel, 16 and Gabriel , 12 years.

Orange County Seriff’s Office officers were warned after receiving a report that some family members had not been seen in the past week.

Sheriff John Mina said there is no threat to the community and no further suspects.

Early investigations found that Almodovar posted a family photo on his social media on Tuesday, with the caption feeling “thankful” with his family at the Disney World Animal Kingdom resort.

Neighbors said their family dog, a Shih Tzu named Fluffy, was found alive while officers forced entry into the house, according to ABC-WFTV.

Ezequiel Almodovar shot and killed his wife Marielis Soto and their two children at home

Michelle McCracken, who lives nearby, said at the news point: “A broken heart is absolute because, you know, when you know your neighbors, you care about them. For example, we care about them.

“Absolute shock because it would literally have been the last group of people around here in my mind that this would have happened.”

Almodovar’s ex-brother-in-law, Bruce Lewis, said his family had no signs that there were any problems in it.

Police forced entry to Almodovar’s Florida home and found four bodies inside

Bruce revealed, “I’m just devastated for this. His sister is not holding up so well. She is doing the best she can. My son is devastated.”

He also said that Almodovar was not a violent man and was not a drug addict.

“He didn’t use substances, so I don’t know what possessed him in a mental state,” he added.

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Diane Sabatino, director of field operations for customs and border protection in Miami and Tampa, released a statement confirming the fatal accident and saying that the federal agency is helping the sheriff’s office with the investigation.

“It is with a heavy heart that the CBP family in Florida is working on the tragic death of Marielis Soto and her two young children, Gabriel & Ezequiel at the hands of Ezequiel Almodovar,” he said.


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