Daisy Ridley to star in thriller from ‘The Revenant’ writer

Daisy Ridley rose to world fame as soon as her signing was announced as the protagonist in the ‘Star Wars’ saga. The role of Rey earned him exposure to a wide legion of fans and now, two years after his last appearance in the universe created by George Lucas, he has a new project with which to leave the legacy of the Skywalkers behind.

The actress began her career in a galaxy far, far away in 2015 and, to date, her work had been limited to short films and a few low-profile media films. However, as soon as she was put under JJ Abrams, Daisy Ridley’s career underwent a drastic transformation. Before the premiere of Episode VIII, the interpreter He has already participated in ‘The murder on the Orient Express’, seeking not to fall into the typecasting how much has conditioned the careers of those who have worked in this saga. After ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, Ridley prepares for the premiere of ‘Chaos: The Beginning’, alongside Tom Holland; but, far from staying there, he has already found a new film with which to continue on his way without looking back.

Daisy Ridley to star in ‘Daughter of the Swamp’ adaptation

The US media Deadline has shared with its readers the latest news about Daisy Ridley’s career, announcing that she will participate in the film adaptation of Karen Dionne’s book ‘The Daughter of the Swamp’ -The Marsh King’s Daughter in its original version-. A psychological thriller that delves into the terrors of its protagonist’s past, drawing on terror to set its staging in motion.


As revealed by Deadline, the synopsis will follow in the wake of the book: “A woman who leads an apparently normal life, but who hides a dark secret: Her father is the infamous ‘King of the Swamps’, the man who held her and her mother captive for years. After a lifetime trying to escape her past, Helena is forced to face her demons when her father unexpectedly escapes from prison. A story in which the depth of the character will be the key to the narrative, giving Daisy Ridley the opportunity to demonstrate the authority she deserves as an actress.

The script of the film has fallen into the hands of the writer of ‘The Revenant’, Mark L. Smith. In addition to this new film, Mark L. Smith will also direct the Quentin Tarantino film about ‘Star Trek’, being on the crest of the wave of his career. Regarding the direction, The person in charge of signing the work will be Neil Burger, a filmmaker known for his time in the ‘Divergent’ saga, as well as his best-rated film: ‘The Illusionist’. Both figures of the seventh art, therefore, will converge to bring to the big screen a book with a remarkably attractive starting point.

The film has now entered the development phase, after three years of waiting in the Hollywood market. However, still no data on the release date, Filming is expected to begin during the summer months in Canada, making it virtually impossible for it to hit theaters before 2022. Now, Daisy Ridley’s career continues in a straight line and she is already preparing to take her next step with ‘Chaos: The Beginning’ in just a few weeks.

Daisy Ridley’s next projects

As the pre-production of the adaptation of ‘The Daughter of the Swamp’ is taking shape and more information begins to be revealed about what to expect from this psychological thriller, Daisy Ridley’s schedule will not miss new releases. Unlike other stars who have been through the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, his role in the film industry is not meant to stop and he already has three more projects up his sleeve.

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The first to see the light will be ‘Chaos: the beginning ‘, a dystopia in which he will share the leading role with Tom Holland (‘ Spider-Man: Homecoming ‘). Presumably, unless the pandemic interferes, the premiere will be on March 5; telling the story of a post-apocalyptic world in which there are no women and everyone can hear the thoughts of other creatures: a sci-fi blockbuster in the purest Hollywood style.

Also in pre-production phase, the actress will participate in two other feature films with no release date. In ‘Women in the Castle’ she will portray a widow who conspired with two other women to assassinate Hitler; while, in ‘The inventor’, he will contribute his voice, participating once again in the dubbing of animation projects.

Contemplating the cinematic future of Daisy Ridley, it is not difficult to see how her career is increasingly far from the imaginary of ‘Star Wars’. A trajectory that continues to evolve and does not seem to have a single moment to rest, thus trying to rise as one of the best stars of his generation.

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