Damon Albarn on the Brexit: "We live on this small island" | music

Damon Albarn on the Brexit: "We live on this small island" | music

"Well, that's weird, right?" Damon Albarn says. Six days ago he was in Mexico City and played with Gorillaz. Well, he and his bandmates in Good, the Bad & the Queen are in Kent and take turns explaining to explain their second album in an American snack bar next to the Maidstone Studio, where they'll perform with Jools Holland on Later ….

The seats are made of red faux leather and pictures of Stevie Wonder from the 1980s, Hotter Than July, a Ford truck and a sign of the Route 66. And in the bright light Albarn speaks during a vegetarian dinner in a Styrofoam box on things that feel as if they have no place at all here: English folk myths; the north of the coastal towns of England; Background of his family in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire – and especially Brexit. Almost 25 years ago, he describes the new album as "the next edition of Parklife. Just as Parklife is one world, this is another world. Not quite the real world, but not very far from it. "

Merrie Land comes almost 12 years after his predecessor. Like this album, this album was created by Albarn, former Clash bassist Paul Simonon, groundbreaking Nigerian drummer Tony Allen, and guitarist / keyboarder Simon Tong (Verve's End). After that, the similarities end. To illustrate the openness and diversity Albarn believes Brexit is endangered, the new album has a broader musical palette. Not for nothing did Simonon call Merrie Land a work of "modern English folk music with a little rub-a-dub".

"This time, people can dance," says Allen, a youthful 78-year-old, with the slightest confidence that he has been making breathtakingly original music since the 1960s. "Even without getting up, they can move their bodies to music. Everything is in there. At the first panel, people asked, "Tony Allen – what the hell is this? you are you doing on this album? We do not hear you. "Nobody will ask me this time. You can hear me on every track. "

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