Looking at the participants on Dancing on Ice it becomes easy to be enchanted by their beautiful ensembles, but look a bit closer and you will spy on a really enviable manicure. Maddy Rooke, 28, is responsible for gaining the camera-ready look of the competition this year and knows a thing or two about creating a showstopping look – quickly. With no less than 12 manicures to get through within a few hours, Maddy knows every fast hack in the book. She has tips for faster drying of nails, correcting accidents with a simple tool and creating impressive nail art in just a few seconds. With the first show, which included half the celebrities of this series, including TOWIE & # 39; S Gemma Collins and X Factor & # 39; s Saara Aalto that were broadcast last night, Maddy shared her best kept secrets with Femail …

Manicure Maddy Rooke, 28 from Essex, is behind the Dancing On Ice nails and has many tricks in store, including the use of a curved eyeshadow brush drenched in remover to clean up accidents. She says high street polishes can be just as good as high-end formulas and Bourjois for the rainbow effect of Saara Aalto in the opening show (photo). To dry nails faster, I swear by Seche Vite Top Coat, £ 9. It will dry your manicure very quickly, but there is a trick to use the thick formula. Apply it sparingly and make sure that you have not applied too many layers of color underneath. Add a small amount of nail polish remover to the bottle as an alternative and shake it to thin it out. It adds an incredible shine and ensures that your mani lasts for a long time. Do not forget to always seal the free edge. By covering the end of your nail with your transparent top layer, you prevent your nail polish from peeling or peeling off. For an ultra-clean finish A few sweeps here and there are inevitable when you paint your own nails. But I have a great tip for clearing everything at the end, especially if you use a large brush or a striking color. Simply take a slanted eyeshadow brush dipped in acetone nail polish remover and carefully remove any accidents.

This is the second year that Maddy (right) worked on the show, working with both celebrities and professional skaters. On the photo: with Anastasia, the singer of last year (left) To make simple, show-stopping nail art. Impressive nail art does not have to be difficult and complicated. Professional point tools make it easy to make knobs, but you can achieve the same effect with a kirby handle. Just push the end into your nail and gently press the nail. Strip brushes – which can be bought cheaply in the shopping street or at all nail shops – are also very useful. I use this to make all kinds of lines and shapes. They can also be used for a glitter ombre effect. Just pop a little glitter on the bottom of your nail close to your cuticle end. Then use your striping brush to drag it down, making it scarier on the other side. It creates a really fantastic blurring effect, but it is seriously fast. Another easy way to make lines is with adhesive tape. Pop it over your nail and use it as a stencil, peeling off once dry. You get a clean, straight line that is more flawless than you can draw from the loose hand.

Maddy & # 39; s worked with TOWIE & # 39; s Gemma Collins, who wore a red mani for the opening show of the series, on numerous occasions to repair a split nail. If you have a slit in your nail that is quite low and you do not want to lose your height, a tea bag is your savior. Honestly! Empty the inside and cut off a small area that is sufficient to bridge the split. Stick it with nail glue – or a base coat – and then use a polishing block to smooth smooth over the top before applying your colored sheen as normal, & advises Maddy. For an Instagram-ready glitter look There are all kinds of professional nail glitters available, but you can use any type of facial or body glitter. For the dazzling nails of Jane Danson in the first show, I used Collection Glam Crystals Glitter for face and body in Unicorn Tears, £ 4.99. For an intense effect, you can tap it on a layer of wet paint and then finish with a clear top layer. Or mix it with the bright nail polish and apply it for a more subtle shimmering look.

Maddy gave Jane Danson from Coronation Street (third from the left) a sparkling blue manicure to match her dress – using Collection Glam Crystals Glitter for face and body in Unicorn Tears, £ 4.99 for professional, decent sheets on a budget. My own set is huge because I have to be prepared for every look a celebrity customer wants to make of me. I can not recommend Gellux enough by Salon System when it comes to gel manicures. They have the widest variety of colors and the last and last without flakes or flakes. I also use brands with the names Lecente, IBD and CND Vinylux. At home Chanel offers beautiful classic tones, but you do not have to spend a fortune. The range of Barry M, from £ 2.99, is very reasonable and comes in a large number of colors with a lot of coverage, so you do not need many coats. Bourjois polishes, starting at £ 5.99, are also fantastic – I used them for the rainbow look of Saara Aalto in the opening show of this series.

Maddy swears by Jessica Phenomen Oil for banning dry areas and perfecting cuticles. While she likes professional formulas like Gellux from Salon System, she recommends Barry M Nail Paints if you have a limited budget at home. For a salon-like finish at home A good cuticle oil is essential for hiding dry skin parts and for a professional finish. My go-to is Jessica Phenomen Oil, £ 14.50. It smells incredible and comes with a pipette so you can easily focus on your nails after the manicure. You can even mix it with a moisturizer for dry hands, elbows or knees. It is also important to get the base right. Apply three very thin color layers instead of two thick colors. Start with a line in the middle and work with three strokes outside to get even coverage. Do you have a stain and no time to use again? Dab a bit of nail polish remover on the spotty area with your fingertip and smooth it out before applying your top coat over the top. To fix weak nails susceptible to breaking IBX, nail treatments are a bit of a hidden gem in the nail world. It is a salon treatment that is performed before a gel manicure. It keeps nails strong and healthy and makes the manicure last longer. It is particularly important for me to use the celebrities and skaters on Dancing On Ice, because I change their appearance so regularly.