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The National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane) presented this Friday a new report on deaths from covid-19 in Colombia between March 2 and October 4, based on the data provided by the National Institute of Health and those uploaded to the Single Registry of Affiliates to the health system.

There, both deaths from covid-19 confirmed with PCR molecular tests are recorded, as well as suspicious ones, which, although they did not have a test, were thus noted on the death certificates based on clinical criteria.

In total, in the period of time analyzed there were 29,787 confirmed deaths from covid-19 and 6,010 suspected, which together represent 20.6 percent of the 173,683 occurred for all causes in the country between week 10 (March 2 to 8) and week 40 (September 28 to October 4).

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At a press conference, the director of Dane, Juan Daniel Oviedo, explained that the suspicious deaths due to covid-19 in Colombia have been clarified in these seven months of pandemic, to the point that the proportion compared to those confirmed – which reached 2 to 1- today is located at 5 to 1. Or in other words, for every five deaths confirmed by the new coronavirus there is one suspect.

In his presentation, it was also observed how deaths from confirmed covid-19 reached their peak in the country in week 32 (August 3-9) and since then began to decrease, going from 2,466 to 1,220 in week 40, what accounts for a reduction of more than 50 percent in this weekly average mortality in the last two months.

In a more specific analysis, the Dane points out that between August 5 and October 4 there were 15,133 confirmed deaths from covid-19 and 2,080 per suspect, with a daily average of 248 confirmed deaths and 34 suspects.

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As for the ages, People aged 55 and over account for 80.6 percent of all suspected COVID-19 deaths and 83.8 percent of those confirmed by the new coronavirus. Meanwhile, deaths in people under 20 years of age represent 0.5 percent for confirmed covid-19 and 2.7 percent for suspected.

By regions, until week 40, Bogotá reported 24.3 percent (7,248) of the country’s confirmed COVID-19 deaths. They are followed by Atlántico, with 11.4% (3,397); Antioquia, with 9.3% (2,779); and Valle del Cauca, with 8.7% (2,600).
It is striking that Atlántico ranks first in suspected cases with 16.7% of the total (1,005), above Bogotá, which has 15.5 percent (933).

Another important fact that the Dane report brings is that the excess mortality from all causes, which the country has seen from January to October, it is 23.2 percent compared to the average of the last five years.(You may be interested: The pandemic caused excess mortality of 20% in 21 countries)



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