Daniel Levy made Mourinho sign a secret clause

Jose Mourinho is not making the Tottenham Hotspurs works as expected this season and it seems that he is already more than questioned and his position is in considerable danger. In principle, everything seems to indicate that they are going to bet on their continuity until the end of the season since they do not want to destabilize the team any more and also, if the results are not as expected, the president of the Spurs, Daniel Levy, would activate a clause in the Portuguese’s contract that would save them a great deal of money.

‘The Special One’ has been highly questioned for several months but Tottenham did not want to fire him since they could not afford to pay him the settlement since it would amount to about 40 million euros. This at the end of the season could be quite different since according to the newspaper ASIf the Portuguese coach fails to get the Londoners into the Champions League, Daniel Levy could activate a clause in his contract in which they could fire Mourinho by paying him a much lower amount than what has been published. This figure would be around 12 million euros, a much more affordable amount for spurs.

Has learned from the mistakes of the past

Daniel Levy seems to have learned from his mistakes since he already suffered it with Mauricio Pochettino, to whom he had to pay a large amount to fire him. With Mourinho It was not going to be the same and in their hiring they ensured an escape route in the event that it did not work as expected and today it seems that it has been a success on the part of the Tottenham president since the Portuguese is not having a good performance on the Spurs bench.

Thus, at the end of the season we will have to see if they can make this clause effective and fire the Portuguese without it being catastrophic for the club’s economy, today they are out of all the positions that give access to European competitions to two points of the Chelsea who marks the fifth position (which gives access to the Europa League) and three points from West Ham United, who marks the entrance to the Champions League.

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