Yesterday it was claimed that the strict come-dancing pair Danny John-Jules and Amy Dowden had been beaten during their rehearsals earlier this week.

A source told The Sun: "Amy was crying constantly in the hands of Danny.

"He gets very angry in the training room and he curses and yells at her."

However, both Danny (58) and Amy (27) have rejected the allegations and dismissed the reports on the spin-off of It Takes Two, where they admitted that "things got a bit more intense during the workout".

But the wife of the Red Dwarf actor also commented on the allegations and made Twitter accuse the BBC of "having thrown her husband under the bus."

Petula wrote with regard to her 411 followers: "Wow @bbcstrictlyPR @bbcstrictly really throws #Dannyjohnjules under this bus! … I'm shocked … why are you trying to destroy him ???"

It takes two days, last night Amy and Danny talked to Gethin Jones from Strictly where they had clarified the claims.

In a conversation with the couple, Gethin said, "It was a difficult week of training for Danny and Amy. Strictly has done quite a bit of press today. I know you guys want to say a few words.

"How do you want to answer, Amy?"

"This time it's our turn. Recently the rehearsals got a bit heavier, "Amy replied.

"Wednesday was that?" Gethin asked.

"Yes, but you know what we had half an hour off and got right to it. I never felt bullied or threatened by Danny, "Amy continued.

"I really want to bring this man to Blackpool and then to the final."

"She said the B-word!" Gethin said before adding, "How about you, Danny?"

He began, "Well, I can tell you, the only reason I'm here is so far from Amy and I never bit the hand that feeds me.

"I'm more than happy, it's probably the best dance we've done since a few days since I was on the show and I'm just happy to get involved. She is the boss. She is wearing the pants. "

It comes after an insider has said the two had gone through a "hard week".

A strict production source, said, "Danny and Amy had a tough week trying to master their difficult samba.

"They had a slight disagreement earlier this week, but returned quickly to rehearsals on the same day and had a good rehearsal yesterday.

"They are excited to perform together tomorrow night."

Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC One at 7pm tonight. has contacted the BBC for a comment.


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