The newcomer to Love Island 2019, Danny Williams, was accused of planning fake romances in the mansion in a shocking leaked phone conversation.

Audio recordings of a woman who is believed to be his ex-girlfriend have surfaced online, and she's filled with sensational accusations that Danny intends to cheat.

In the clip, the woman claims she talked to Danny before going to the mansion, and he assures her that all the love relationships she sees on screen are not real.

She said, "I knew it [he was going in] for like a month.

"He said," I have to do what I have to do, I play a game that I do for my career.

Danny Williams entered the mansion last night

He had an appointment with the Irish beauty Yewande

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"He said," You have to remember that I play a game, whatever you see there, it's a game "- it does not look like a game to me."

When the other one asked about Danny's date with Yewande on last night's show, the woman insisted that she was not his type.

She said, "No, he does not even like black girls … he does not really like skinny big girls."

Danny came to the villa last night and made an appointment with Yewande and Amber.

Danny's arrival has already shaken the villa

However, it seems that things got tense when Molly-Mae expressed her interest in the newest part of the villa.

She admitted that she was attracted to the great Danny and hinted that she might get bored with Tommy.

The former beauty queen said, "I feel like I'm in Tommy Land and I'm trying to get involved.

"Maybe I have to go to Danny Land?"

Anyway, it looks like the handsome model does not run out of feminine attention while staying at the villa.

Love Island will air on ITV2 at 9pm all week.

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