Date and content of Apple’s possible November event

The last Apple event last Tuesday has not been stopped talking about, and we are already speculating about the next virtual keynote of the company. Famous leaker Jon Prosser has dropped that he will be next November 17. Let’s leave this day in quarantine, since this man lately gives us one of lime and one of sand.

What is very likely is that we will have a new Cupertino event during the month of November. It seems that Apple has taken the “taste” to virtual keynotes. They save all the logistics involved in a face-to-face presentation at Apple Park, like the ones I did before the pandemic, and the stress of teaching something new live. It should be very comfortable for them to prepare a video, and herding, which is a gerund. Let’s see what we have to see from Apple, and what they could present in November.

With how little it costs the company to make a new virtual event, it is not surprising that during the month of November Apple surprises us (although less and less) with a new presentation “Canned”, like the ones we’ve been seeing since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out earlier this year.

November, okay. And the day?

Leaving the Jon Prosser leak that has announced a new Apple event for November 17 in quarantine, it is very likely that it will be during the next month. Perhaps the exact day they do not know. I say this because this week the tenth beta of macOS Big Sur. This means that things are still being polished.

No wonder, as it is not simply a new version of macOS with some new features. It will be the first firmware to run on current Macs with an Intel processor and the next Apple Silicon with their own ARM processors. So work has given them, no doubt.

Normally when Apple presents a new version of software in a keynote, a couple of hours later it is already released for users. So it is possible that there is no definitive date for its presentation, until macOS Big Sur is ready to be installed on end users’ Macs.

Predicting a possible event day in November is complicated, taking into account some dates indicated in North America. November 3 is Election Day in the United States, November 11 is Military Veterans Day, and November 26 is Thanksgiving, where Apple gives all corporate employees that week off of vacation. .

If Apple wants to host an event next month, maybe we could get invites in the first week of November with an event taking place on November 9 or 10 before Military Veterans Day. Or trust Jon Prosser and hope it’s the 17th.

Apple Silicon

Apple Silicon means the end of Intel

Apple Silicon means the end of Intel

At WWDC last June we already saw that the Apple Silicon project was well advanced.

Apple confirmed a couple of months ago that the first Mac of the new era Apple Silicon It will arrive before the end of this year, so we can expect at least one launch of the first Mac ARM in November or December.

We still don’t know exactly which Mac will be the first to build a ARM processorBut based on the rumors that have been circulating lately, the candidates are a new MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Air, a resurrected 12-inch MacBook, or a new 24-inch iMac.

In Cupertino they are working on a MacBook refurbished 14-inch that will be similar to the 16-inch MacBook, and a redesigned 24-inch iMac to replace the iMac 21.5 inches. The launch of both significant redesigns would be an ideal time to already assemble the new processors designed for Apple.

Regardless of which Mac comes first, Apple is revamping its entire line of Macs to a new called Apple Silicon, a process that is expected to last at least. one year. By the end of 2021, Apple could have in its catalog all its Macs, both desktops and laptops, entirely with its own ARM processors.

Obviously along with the presentation of the new Apple Silicon hardware, its corresponding firmware will be released, which will be compatible not only with the new ARM Macs, but with the current ones based on Intel processors. We are talking about macOS Big Surof course.

Apple TV renovado

If we leave aside the safe bet of the new Macs, we begin to speculate with “possible” presentations of new devices. Rumors about a Apple TV State-of-the-art have been floating around for months, if not years. We haven’t had a new version of the Apple TV since 2017, and the current two devices are actually a bit ‘out of date’.

Apple is said to be working on several Apple TV set-top boxes, including one that mounts a chip A14X It offers performance similar to that of a video game console. There are also rumors of a new Apple TV remote with the ability to be tracked so you don’t get lost around the house.

According to a report last August Bloomberg, a new Apple TV might not be ready to launch until early next year. So we’ll see.

AirPods Studio

AirPods Studio Fitness

AirPods Studio Fitness

Perhaps this leaked photo of the new AirPods Studio Sport is true

Apple is planning to add new headphones «AirPods Studio»High-end to its line of AirPods, and some rumors suggest that it may be a device that is ready to launch before the end of the year.

It was rumored that these new AirPods could be presented at the last event this week, but it has not been. We already carry Several months with leaks on said headphones, so they are probably already falling.

Both the current AirPods and AirPods Pro were released in the latter months of the year, so there’s still a good chance these new earbuds will come out this year. They are rumored to be priced at 350 dollars.

The AirPods Studio will feature active noise cancellation and a retro-styled design that could include both a model premium made of high quality materials like a model «Sport»Oriented to sports practice made of breathable and much lighter materials.

It is also speculated that they could feature magnetic earbuds and headband padding that can be changed, giving a more personalizable, just like the Apple Watch bands. They could also detect if they are placed in the ear, to activate or not regardless of the ear that is placed.

In August there were already rumors that they were already being manufactured. Lately it has been leaked that they will be delayed until early next year. So at the moment it is an unknown to be solved, perhaps in the next event. Or not.

Do UFOs exist, and what about AirTags?



AirTags, a device that no one has seen except Prosser….

We wanted to leave the mystery of the AirTags from Apple. Much has already been said about these keychains. If you’re not familiar with them, they are Apple’s version of Tile locators. AirTags are small Bluetooth-equipped “keychain” trackers that you can clip to important items that can be lost, allowing AirTags to be tracked within the Find app on your Apple devices.

There is no guarantee that AirTags will launch this yearSo there’s a chance we won’t see them until 2021. In fact, leaker Jon Prosser recently said that AirTags won’t arrive until March 2021. But they really do exist. Like the November event date, let’s quarantine it.

Recent news suggests that Apple may have AirTags prepared to go on the market for quite some time. But the company may have them on hold to allow third-party article tracker makers (Tile, mostly) to give it time to develop their own solutions that integrate with the Search app. This would avoid potential antitrust lawsuits by Tile.

Ever since the AirTag rumors were first leaked, similar tracker maker Tile has been pissed off like a monster, as an Apple-designed Bluetooth locator that integrates directly into the Find app would leave its devices at a distinct disadvantage. So it’s another mystery that we can solve at the next event. Or not…

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