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The 2021/22 UEFA Futsal Champions League will return to the regular format, with preliminary, main and elite rounds played as single-venue mini-tournaments and a four-team finals in April, with the venue selected once Get to know the four teams that are fighting for the title.

Four countries (Spain, Portugal, Russia and Kazakhstan) register two clubs each, and the eight representatives of those countries – including the defending champion, Sporting CP – will be among the clubs with the highest coefficient receiving direct passes for the main round. (The exact number will depend on the volume of registrations). The other teams begin in the preliminary round, and the draws for both rounds take place in the same ceremony, which will take place on July 7.


Draw for the preliminary and main rounds: 14:00 CET 7 July
Preliminary round: August 20-25
Main Round: October 12-17
Elite round draw: 14.00CET, 3 November
Elite round: 23-28 November
Final phase draw: to be confirmed
Final phase: April 28/29 and April 30 / May 1 (To be confirmed)

UEFA Futsal Champions League final: Barça 3-4 Sporting CP


Preliminary round (August 20-25)
• In this round they participate the teams with the worst coefficient in the ranking (The exact number is determined by the enrollment level).
• Teams will be divided into groups of four (with ranking based on coefficient and teams previously selected as hosts, drawn separately), and the group winners and possibly the best runners-up they will proceed to the main round.

Main round (October 12-17)
Route A

•El current champion Sporting, the Next 11 best clubs in coefficient ranking and equipment located between 16th and 19th place will participate in this route.
• As in the previous draw, teams will be assigned one of the four seeded positions and four clubs will be designated as hosts and drawn separately, maintaining their seeded positions..
• The top three teams from each of the four groups will advance to the elite round.

Route B
• To the teams in the ranking of coefficients ranging from 12th to 15th and from 20th to 22nd or 23rd (depending on the number of registrations) will be joined by the qualifiers from the preliminary round.
• As in the previous draw, teams will be assigned one of the four seeded positions and four clubs will be designated as hosts and they will be drawn separately, maintaining their seeded positions; other arrangements will be decided prior to the draw.
• The winners of each of the four groups they will advance to the elite round.

Elite round
• The 16 clubs will compete in four groups of four, which will be drawn on November 3 and whose seeds will be confirmed before the draw.
• The four winners of the groups that will be played from November 23 to 28 will pass to the final phase.

Final phase
• The final phase of the tournament consists of two semifinals and a final played by four teams in a single venue that will be played on April 28 or 29 and April 30 or May 1. The venue and dates, including the draw, are yet to be confirmed.

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