Dean Ashton ‘ashamed’ of how he spoke to referees as former West Ham and England striker calls for ‘disgusting’ abuse to stop

Former England striker Dean Ashton admitted he is “embarrassed” by the way he has spoken to referees in the past.

The abuse officials receive has been highlighted in recent weeks following a series of high-profile cases.

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Dean Ashton played for Crewe, Norwich and West Ham before retiring at age 26

Mike Dean asked to be rested from rebuttal last weekend after receiving death threats against him and his family following controversial red card decisions.

Additionally, EFL referee Darren Drysdale was involved in an altercation this week with Ipswich player Alan Judge.

The officer faced Judge during Ipswich’s League One clash with Northampton on Tuesday night.

Drysdale seemed offended by something Judge said after his appeal for a penalty was rejected, and he briefly put his head in the midfielder’s face. He has since apologized for the incident.

Ashton believes that the abuse suffered by referees from all corners of the game has gone unpunished for far too long.

Drysdale and Judge met in a mad moment

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Drysdale and Judge met in a mad moment

He told Drivetime on Wednesday: “The abuse that the referees receive, from all of us, from the players, from the coaching staff, that I have really noticed in the fans who are not there; It’s disgusting the way they jump out of the dugout and yell insults at the referees and aren’t happy with the decisions – the fans when they’re on the ground, the parents when they’re in 10-year-old football is disgusting.

“We should be absolutely ashamed of how our sport performs with our officials when you watch other sports.

“I am ashamed of myself for the way I spoke with the referees.

“There is a big reason why I don’t think umpires will be given the microphone: the language will be so vile that they will not be able to publish it live on television because of what they will receive from players, coaches and fans.

“I almost think that we are in a stage now with what comes out on social networks, and the toxicity that the referees have received and the threats they have received, we are in a stage where we really have to look at our sport and think this not It is acceptable.

Mike Dean received shocking abuse after controversial decisions in the Premier League

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Mike Dean received shocking abuse after controversial decisions in the Premier League

“Yet it is, it has been accepted and it has been going on for many years. Rugby is a gentlemen’s game and a private school game and they are raised in a different way, and we are working class, so we are allowed to speak however we want, this is how we grew up and it is okay for us to abuse referees.

“But it is not true? We have passed a bit of that stage. It’s 2021 and it’s time for all of us to look at ourselves and this has to end.

“Umpires are just humans in the middle of the field in an incredibly difficult job. You shouldn’t have to turn around for every decision; I mean a throw-in, a free kick in an innocuous area, anything is thrown at them and they are insulted.

“I am part of it and many others are part of it. I don’t think there are many who can raise their hand and say that they have never abused a referee in one way or another.

“These kinds of incidents show that the referee was clearly irritated by something that was said. I can say from experience with some of the things I’ve said to umpires that if you go up to someone on the street and say that to them, you’re fighting. You can’t talk like that to people on the street, so why can you do it on a soccer field? «

Lee Mason has also been the center of attention in recent weeks for the decisions he made in the Premier League.

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Lee Mason has also been the center of attention in recent weeks for the decisions he made in the Premier League.

Former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara was sympathetic to Darren Drysdale and really liked the fact that the referee tried to impress his authority on the game.

O’Hara told talkSPORT: “The mark was a bit over the top, but these guys take sheer abuse from 22 players on the court, from everyone on the touchline and there is nothing worse for me than a weak referee.

“They lose control of the game. I didn’t care and as a player I would have respected him. He would have gone, ‘a little bit OTT mate’, but I respect him because he sealed his authority right away.

“Everyone quickly shuts up.

“I think Paul Lambert just took the heat off the fact that Ipswich is so bad right now and it’s not working.”

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