Dean Smith sent a severe relegation notice to the Aston Villa Premier League

Aston Villa is holding a “real fight” to stay in the Premier League, admitted former defender Tony Dorigo.

On Sunday the Villa was beaten 3-2 at home against Tottenham, with visitors snatching a time-out winner through Son Heung-min who took advantage of a mistake by Bjorn Engels.

The result has not seen Villa slide further down the rankings, but Dean Smith’s team remains only one point above three at the bottom and goes on Saturday’s trip to Southampton.

They have the worst defensive record in the division, having sent out no less than 50 goals in 26 games.

“It will be tough for them, being promoted last season the first season is always difficult,” Dorigo told Love Sport Radio. “They have been cut and changed and there is no real type of rhyme or reason, it is difficult.

“It’s the Premier League and you have to be good enough to stay awake, so I think it’s going to be a real fight for them.”

Smith was asked about Villa’s loss of defense at the post-game press conference.

He said, “It’s a huge amount, yes. Today we looked at the front foot. Of course, we didn’t deserve to lose. We can probably take the six out of Man City, can’t we?”

“Look, people keep talking about you who can’t beat the best teams. It’s not rocket science. You play the teams in and around you, they’re the kind of games you should win or compete.

“Midfield teams are meant to be the best teams, so it becomes more difficult. We certainly didn’t deserve to lose the game today, that’s for sure.”


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