Death in Brazil, the United States vaccinate quickly … Update on the pandemic

The second most bereaved country in the world by disease is sinking into crisis. On Tuesday, Brazil recorded more than 4,000 deaths in 24 hours. His too slow vaccination does not allow him to see the end of the tunnel. In total, no less than 336,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the Latin American country, where President Jair Bolsonaro is widely criticized for his management of the epidemic.

Conversely, the United States is making up for past mistakes. After a chaotic year 2020, the most bruised country – more than 550,000 deaths – now vaccinates very quickly. All American adults will be eligible for the vaccine by April 19, ten days ahead of the previous target.

  • Brazil in the red and without a compass

Brazil is fighting its fight against the coronavirus in the greatest confusion, with a range of measures for schools, churches or restaurants contradictory, poorly explained and subject to the vagaries of judicial decisions. Conclusion: the deaths crossed the threshold of 4,000 units for the first time on Tuesday, with 4,195 dead.

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“Without national coordination, without a Ministry of Health which guides the response to the pandemic, there is a great legal vacuum,” José David Urbaez, of the Brasilia Center for Infectious Disease, told AFP. “There is no clear definition for all of Brazil of what activities should be considered ‘essential’. Each city, each state, defines in its own way what can and cannot remain open, depending on political and economic pressures. local, which is why the situation is so chaotic, ”he summarizes.

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  • The United States vaccinates very quickly

All Americans eligible for the anti-Covid vaccine by April 19: this is what President Joe Biden announced on Twitter. 10 days ahead of the initial schedule. In France, this stage could be reached during the summer only.

Since December 14, the United States has injected 167 million doses. Some 62.4 million people are fully immunized, nearly 20% of the global population.

  • Germany: Merkel in favor of a “short lockdown”

Angela Merkel’s government is in favor of the establishment of a “short and uniform lockdown” across Germany to stem the rise in Covid-19 infections, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. “The healthcare system is under threatening pressure,” Ulrike Demmer warned at a press conference. “This is why any call for a short and uniform lockdown is justified,” said the spokesperson for the government.

  • France: ICU admissions are progressing

In France, between Monday and Tuesday, 8,045 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded. A relatively low figure due to a smaller rise, the day after a public holiday (Easter Monday).

The pressure on the intensive care services welcoming the most serious Covid-19 patients continues to increase with 5,626 patients hospitalized on Tuesday (+632 admissions in 24 hours).

The vaccination campaign is continuing its pace, with the entry into service of the new vaccinodromes. A total of 9,526,509 people have received at least one injection according to the latest figures from the authorities, as of April 6. Some 3,242,743 people received two.

  • Oxford University suspends AstraZeneca vaccine trials in children

The University of Oxford announced on Tuesday that it was suspending trials on children of the Covid-19 vaccine that it developed with the Anglo-Swedish laboratory AstraZeneca, pending the opinion of the British regulator.

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Still on the vaccine, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said on Tuesday it was still evaluating whether AstraZeneca / Oxford’s vaccine is linked to rare blood clots, which have been reported in several countries. In France, the family of a 63-year-old man, who died in March of “multiple thromboses” after receiving a first injection of the vaccine, filed a complaint against X for “manslaughter”.

  • Moderna vaccine rolled out in the UK

The anti-Covid vaccine from the American laboratory Moderna, already authorized in the EU, began to be used on Wednesday in the United Kingdom. 24-year-old Elle Taylor was the first to be vaccinated with Moderna’s serum at a hospital in Carmarthen, Wales.

Two vaccines, that of AstraZeneca / Oxford and that of Pfizer / BioNtech were until Wednesday used as part of the mass vaccination campaign started in early December in the country. The UK has ordered 17 million doses of the Moderna vaccine. Since the injection of two doses is necessary, this order will allow the vaccination of 8.5 million people in the United Kingdom.





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