Death in paradise has announced that Ardal O & #;; Hanlon will leave the show during the upcoming ninth series.

O & # 39; Hanlon plays against DI Jack Mooney since 2017 and takes over the run of Kris Marshall. His departure will air on BBC One early next year, though the details of the story are not yet known.

"I spent the last four summers in Guadeloupe and played DI Jack Mooney and solved over 20 homicides in my time there!" he said. "It has been a hugely rewarding and memorable experience working with incredibly talented actors, directors and the crew to discover a magical part of the world.

Death in Paradise - Series 8, DI Jack Mooney (ARDAL O & HANLON), JP (TOBI BAKARE)

BBC / Red Planet Pictures / Denis Guyenon

"However, it is time to explore more options – preferably near the Arctic Circle.

"I am confident that Death in paradise is getting stronger and the audience will share my enthusiasm for Jack's successor! "

The executive producer of the production company Red Planet Pictures in the series gave a first indication of Mooney's departure and indicated that it is an emotional episode.

Richard Blackwood, Death in Paradise

Denis GuyenonBBC

"We could not be more thankful for that [O’Hanlon’s] Time as our main detective, and his story is not over yet, "said Tim Key House.

Death in paradise returns to BBC One in January 2020.

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