December can bring us surprises, but we should already look to 2021

In Apple circles we will remember 2020 as the year we saw the most keynotes of history, with the last three held only during the last two months. But even with all these events, there are rumors that in December we will see “a Christmas surprise”. There are no details of what that surprise may be, but nothing like this section to sort out our suspicions. We begin our Sunday Rumorsphere.

Let’s not forget that we are still waiting for accessories that would conquer Christmas

Airpods Studio Leak

First, I wouldn’t bet on a fourth event in December. In the last of them, where we saw the presentation of the Mac with an M1 chip, Tim Cook said goodbye, talking about 2021 as the date on which we would see him again. But that does not dignify that there is no news: Apple can launch products and services through a press release and without notifying anyone.

What products and services can these be? Apart from things that we already know as Apple Fitness + in some countries, let’s remember that we still have devices pending launch such as AirPods Studio, AirTags or a new sixth generation Apple TV that could well inherit everything that engineers have learned by building the chip M1.

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Nor would I be surprised to see things like Smart Battery cases for the new iPhone, something that we have not seen yet but that has been present in all generations of the phone for years. Accessories like these have enough ballots to launch in December for a simple reason: they would be perfect gifts for christmas. In fact there are already small launches underway with new leather cases.

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First data on what’s new for 2021

Beyond all this we start to see some rumors about what we will see in the long term well into 2021. For example, from Verifier we have the data that iOS 15 will stop supporting the iPhone 6s and SE (both with the A9 chip). From then on, the oldest iPhone that can support the latest version of Apple will be the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

We will remain vigilant, although at this point in the year it is best to think about 2021. The next event may be spring, in which Apple would go a step further with its transition to its own chips and perhaps announce news in its services. To detail beyond what I just said would be going too far.

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