November 10, 2019 – 01:03
Luis Verón and Anahí Sánchez were defeated by points.

Buenos Aires Luis Alberto Verón, Latin welterweight champion of the World Boxing Organization lost points yesterday with the European champion of the category, the Englishman Michael McKinson, in one of the stellar battles of the evening held at the York Hall of Bethnal Green, London.

In spite of the defeats of the Argentine boxers, this type of contention surely served them to continue adding experience.

In another fight, former world champion Anahí Sánchez, faced and lost to the monarch light silver of the World Boxing Council, the undefeated Englishman Chantelle Cameron, in a qualifying round for the WBC superlight title.

Verón lost his undefeated by falling into unanimous decision with 98-90, 97-91 and 99-89 cards.

The 27-year-old from Buenos Aires, currently number 6 in the OMB welterweight ranking, now has a record of 17 wins (8 KO), 2 draws and one loss.

25-year-old McKinson, born in Portsmouth, is twelfth in the OMB ladder and was already a WBC welterweight champion and CMB welter silver international.

On July 20 he conquered the European scepter after beating the Russian Evgeny Pavko, by unanimous decision in Brentwood, England, and raised his record to 18 wins (2 KO) without draws or losses.

Sanchez, on the other hand, was also defeated by unanimous decision with 100-89 (two) and 99-90 cards.

The 28-year-old Argentinian, born in Parchment, former interim feather of the World Boxing Association, super-feather of the International Boxing Federation, lightweight WBA and superlight WBA, now boasts a record of 19 wins (11 KO) and 5 losses.

Cameron, 28, born in Northampton, of notable amateur past and former lightweight champion of the International Boxing Organization (IBO), improved his record to 12 fights won (7 KO) without draws or losses.

Big pain

The former Australian middleweight champion, Dwight Ritchie, died yesterday while sparring for his colleague Michael Zerafa, in Melbourne, Australia, as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

The Australian newspaper explained that the boxer, known as "Cowboy", received a very hard blow to the body.