Defective drives, clacking fans and spontaneous crashes

After the Xbox Series X was released, some buyers are complaining of problems.

The Xbox Series X was sold millions of times worldwide on November 10, 2020, can withstand more than many refrigerators and paves the way for the most successful start in Xbox history.

At the same time, more and more buyers with late delivery dates are unpacking their new console full of anticipation. Unfortunately, this joy doesn’t last long for some and have to find out that their drive is defective, the fan clacks or the console crashes spontaneously.

While the first two problems point to transport damage, the third error should indicate poorly optimized games. We’ve been watching the reports for the past few days and there appear to be crashes while or after playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Borderlands 3, and NBA 2K21. It should be ensured that these games are initially stored and saved on the internal hard drive. Removing external data media could also help. There seems to be a problem here if, for example, Borderlands 3 is installed once on the internal and parallel on the external hard drive. Instead of loading the optimized version for the Xbox Series X, the AK version may be tried to start and the internal version gets in the way.

Microsoft has already officially announced that Quick Resume can lead to errors in some games and that this function will be deactivated for these titles for a short period of time. It was not said which games are exactly.

If you should have caught a defective drive, you can try to hold the disc lightly while pulling in the disc so that the console tries to read the disc with a little more force. If the condition does not improve after that, you will unfortunately have to contact Microsoft support and replace the console. The same applies to a clacking fan. It is extremely annoying, but it should be replaced quickly, as extra consoles are retained for these cases. In most cases, the friendly UPS person will come to your front door with the new console and exchange it for your defective one.

If one of the errors mentioned occurs with you, i.e. the fan is loud or clacking or the disc drive is spinning around, then you have to contact Microsoft Germany and initiate an exchange:

In any case, it is always annoying when you have caught a defective device with all the anticipation. There are always defective devices at every launch. The drive problem also occurred with the first delivery of the Xbox One X, for example. If you are affected, feel free to contact us in the comments, because we are unfortunately with you and we keep our fingers crossed that the replacement device will be with you as soon as possible will arrive.

Here is a compilation of the mistakes players have to contend with. We deliberately left out version 1 because fake videos were also included there:

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