Dembélé takes the lead in Barcelona

Ronald Koeman and Barcelona needed a goal as it was and time was running out. In the 63rd minute the Dutch coach decided to withdraw Griezmann to admit Trincão. Braithwaite also replaced Busquets. Instead, he kept Ousmane Dembélé on the field. The technical decision, beyond the preferences of the moment or the state of form of each one, is a reliable indication. In addition, the game proved him right, since finally it was on the 11th who on the hour hooked a volley with his left foot that sneaked between Masip’s leg and post to place Barça at one point from the lead.

Dembélé has taken the lead in Barcelona’s attack to the point that the sports leadership is beginning to work on a renovation –in one year and two months they will be free– given their performance and progression. Against Valladolid he played in the three front positions. He started as a reference, in the second half he opened to the right and ended up as a left winger, where the goal came.


Seven of the ten goals of the tip this season have opened the scoring of Barça, a guarantee

After Leo Messi, he is the most decisive player of the tips, surpassing a Griezmann who seems to have chosen to transform himself into a supporting actor. He works very hard in gray work so that others are cooler. While Dembélé has specialized in breaking down walls and opening the scoreboard. Seven of his ten goals this season have been the first for the team, changing the sign of the game, allowing Barcelona to play more calmly.

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El Mosquito has started eight of the last ten games. In the two that he was not in the lineup (in Elx and Pamplona), he entered the break. Data that speaks of the new status that has been earned. Even Koeman has found a new position for the winger. In Seville, on February 27, he played for the first time as a center forward. A tactical innovation that is working.

From February 27

In Seville he played for the first time as a center forward and the tactical innovation works: he has scored four goals

Dembélé, always so anarchic, is understanding the game and is constantly moving to try to receive the ball in front of the goal. Their numbers have also benefited. Since then he has already celebrated four goals.

His fourth season at the Camp Nou has been one of regularity, continuity and maturity. He continues to interact little with his teammates – except the French – but he has found an ally in the physical trainer Albert Roca. He speaks their language, both verbally and when working, where he has retouched certain ways of working to enhance the soccer player’s explosiveness, one of his virtues but also his Achilles heel with two operations on the hamstring tendon (2017 and 2020 ).


Of the three signings of more than 100 million, the only one who sticks his head out and whose ceiling has not been seen is Dembélé, who is 23 years old

When he has been good, Dembélé has been a player capable of making a difference. His potential, now 23 years old but he arrived at 20, was and is immense. He has been playing continuously for four months. Since he reappeared against Eibar on December 29, he has chained 24 matches in a row.

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After the departure of Neymar in 2017, Barcelona made three signings of more than 100 million: Dembélé, Coutinho and Griezmann. The former Borussia Dortmund player (110 games, 29 goals) is the only one who shows his head and has managed to get out of the shadow of the Brazilian, now at PSG. From Griezmann and Coutinho it is already known where their top is. They have already been seen. Dembélé allows you to dream and fly high.

A world champion

This summer is the last to think about a sale that recovers part of the investment. If you bet on him, you have to negotiate now

His contract expires on June 30, 2022, that is, in just over 14 months. For Barça, the time has come to decide what plans it has for him, a world champion, because this summer is the last to think about a sale that recovers part of the investment. If, on the other hand, the idea is to bet heavily on a player with everything to be unbalanced (speed, dribbling, finishing), you have to sit down and negotiate an extension. In these 10 games, Dembélé can dispel any doubts.

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