democrats; “Has political capital”: Republicans

By Catalina Díaz

The acquittal of former president of the United States, Donald Trump, this Saturday, in the US Senate from his second impeachment open the door for your political strengthening. Minutes after the verdict was announced, he declared euphoric that his “historic, patriotic and beautiful move to ‘Make America Great Again’ has only just begun.”

In an interview with latinus, the representative of Democratic Party in Mexico, Gricha Raether, said that “the republicans They gave control of the game to TrumpThat is, despite the fact that seven senators voted in favor, the rest could not or did not want to go over to the Democratic side and make history ”.

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Raether acknowledged that it was difficult for the ex-president to be found guilty, however, it was important to set a precedent for the serious mistakes he committed.

He stressed that at least ten Republican representatives and seven senators joined the Democrats in their attempt to condemn the former president for the events of June 6.

The Democrat considered that the speech of the leader of the minority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, shows that there is a rupture within the party.

“January 6 was a disgrace. Compatriots (…) tried to hunt down the president of the House (of Representatives). They built a gallows and sang about the murder of the vice president. They did it because they had been fed wild falsehoods. The most powerful man on Earth was angry that he had lost an election, ”said Mitch McConnell minutes after voting for absolution.

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Despite this, Trump will be an important political actor in the coming years, according to the representative of the Republican Party in Mexico, Larry Rubin, who described McConnell’s statements as a test of freedom within the party and not as a fissure.

“Trump has influence, but everyone has free thought,” said the Republican, clarifying that Trump has “enormous political capital.”

“I see that in the coming months, and the next few years, President Trump will become an even more prominent political figure than he is today. We do not know if in 2024 he will decide to be a presidential candidate, but we do know that he will be a great political rival, “he said.

Rubin said that the trial had been a “journey without destination” for the Democrats and went against the spirit of unification that President Joe Biden expressed since he took office.

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“Finally all of us, both Republicans and Democrats, can rest that the witch hunt is over,” he said.

Both Raetcher and Rubin ruled out a split within the Republican Party to form a new one, as was speculated after Evan McMullin, former chief policy officer of the House Republican Conference, told The Washington Post Wednesday that “some people at the top” are in favor of starting an anti-Trump party.

Raecher assured that the Republicans would not make the mistake of weakening the party with a division, despite their differences of thought, while Rubin affirmed that the Republican party “remains as strong as ever.”

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Donald Trump’s future is not free from legal process

For Gricha Raetcher, former President Trump still has reason to worry, such as the investigations that are being followed in Georgia by the call of January 2, in which he urged the Secretary of State for Georgia to “find” enough votes to reverse their defeat.

“He is acquitted of this political trial, but it does not mean that he is free of problems. Accusations of secret payments, tax and bank fraud, real estate, Mary Trump lawsuit and sexual misconduct lawsuits are coming to him, “he said.

Republican Rep. Larry Rubin opined that Trump’s role as a businessman and a public official should be separated. He stressed that their companies and legal representatives will respond in due course to the accusations.

“In business matters, Trump’s company will solve them and it will be part of a day-to-day that the former president has and that he has always had,” he said. In the case of Georgia, he stated that you must first wait to see how the process unfolds in the Court.

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