Deportivo Cuenca ends with Barcelona undefeated on Date 7

Without a showy game or control of the ball, the Cuenca team beat Barcelona 1-0 at the Alejandro Serrano Aguilar stadium.

This Thursday, April 8, Deportivo Cuenca took the unbeaten away from the current champion of the local tournament. Barcelona did not find the spaces to generate goal plays.

The Azuayo team, for the most part, tried to retain the ball looking for the despair of the yellows and slowing down the game. Fabián Bustos’s coaches were better throughout the first 45 minutes. Nevertheless, Lucas Mancinelli put the ‘Morlacos’ ahead at 35 ‘.

Throughout the first part, the central judge, Guillermo Guerrero did not whistle two penalties clear in favor of the ‘idol’ of the Shipyard.

In addition, the ‘bullfighters’ tried even with more spaces to reach Brian Heras’ goal but the Guayaquil club had no fortune. Deportivo Cuenca held out until minute 97 ′.

This victory leaves Barcelona, ​​for the moment in first place with 14 points. Meanwhile he Cuenca climbs to the fifth box and scores 11 points.

Mushuc Runa thrashed in Echaleche

The ‘Ponchito’ team beat Olmedo de Riobamba 4-0 in a match where the visit did not hold the ball, did not generate dangerous attacks and suffered in the background.

Mushuc Runa won the Echaleche stadium. Geovanny Cumbicus’ team posed a dynamic game and well armed between the lines. The locals beat a rival who was, in almost the entire game, lost on the field.

José Ayoví (20 ′), Jonatan Bauman (22 ′, 77 ′) and Luis Romero (45 ′) they converted the goals in favor of Mushuc Runa, this Thursday, April 8.

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