Derbies… Celtic vs Rangers… the “Old Firm” – FOOTBALL HISTORIES AND BACKGROUNDS

Since 1888, Celtic and Rangers star in one of the most exciting derbies that can be seen on the football planet, on the one hand the Catholics, represented by Celtic, and on the other the Protestants of Rangers.

They are almost 133 years of history, although the great rivalry between both teams began to grow only at the beginning of the 20th century, when Rangers fans began to distance themselves from Catholicism.

How did the name of Old Firm come about? Everything points to the result of the 1909 Scottish Cup final, after drawing 2-2 in the first game, a second game was stipulated a few days later.

The same Hampden Park was played, the last minutes were embarrassing, with the match tied 1-1, in the last minutes neither of the two teams risked in search of victory, they had signed the tie to be decided in a third game.

Inside the playing field there was nothing of rivalry, but in the stands the fans were enraged by the attitude of their respective teams, invading the playing field. As a result of this, the Scottish Federation canceled the match, and the trophy was void that year.

“The Scottish Referee”, the most important newspaper in Glasgow, titled the next day: ‘The old firm of Rangers-Celtic Ltd’, suspecting that both clubs arranged the meetings to favor themselves with a greater box office with another additional party. From that day on, everyone started calling the Scottish derby “Old Firm”.

Although the fans maintain a fierce rivalry, both clubs have a very good relationship, supported mainly by the economic issue, since they jointly negotiate everything related to television rights, and other agreements with the Scottish Federation or sponsors.

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