Desired settings for the Star Wars open world game

Concept art for the canceled video game Star Wars 1313

This January that we left behind left us, among many other surprises, with the announcement of a new Star Wars game developed by nothing more and nothing less than Massive Entertainment, developers from Ubisoft and who have titles like The Division behind them. or The Crew. For those who are not familiar with the world of video games, Ubisoft is a French company that has focused in recent years on making open world games, focusing almost all its franchises on this aspect to the point of developing an exclusive graphics engine for this kind of games.

Therefore, as soon as we saw a sandbox game finally announced in the universe created by George Lucas (after several unsuccessful attempts by EA) and in full swing of the franchise with more than 10 projects planned for the next few years, from the writing of the blog we have not been able to stop dreaming about the settings that we would like to see:

Coruscant underbelly

One of the projects that most excited fans during the last years of LucasArts at the helm of the Star Wars games was the now mythical Star Wars: 1313. The video game was announced in 2013 and promised a setting in the lower levels of Coruscant, the famous planet of the saga and which is made up of thousands of levels deep. The demo shown promised a mix of coverage shooter in the purest Gears of War style (creators of this trend) and cinematic adventure made in Uncharted, another of the firm references of video games in those years. What more could you ask for? oh yeah, the game was going to star Bobba Fett.

Taking into account that it never saw the light of day, it would be incredible to be able to take advantage of the new game in the saga to set it on the planet city, providing a large number of scenarios (remember that there are more than 5000 levels in Coruscant) and a world that could be well loaded with verticality. Do you remember from the beginning of Episode II with Obi Wan and Anakin’s pursuit of the bounty hunter? Well, now imagine being able to explore all that while driving one of the vehicles that you see there. Whether controlling smugglers or a Jedi Master, it is a place we look forward to exploring at our command.

Coruscant Underworld ArtCoruscant Underworld Art

Former Republic (20,000 to 1,000 ABY)

The Old Republic can easily be the most desired setting for the vast majority of Star Wars fans to develop any project. It is an era where the Jedi order and the Sith order were in full swing, with hundreds or even thousands of members, with wars, conquests and laying the fundamental foundations of the lore and traditions that we know. It is an era so immensely vast and spanning so long that it doesn’t matter if we have three games set in it or even a possible “remake” of them in development, because we still have thousands of years to explore of it.

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From the rise to power of Naga Shadow to the Sith triumvirate, passing through Normi ​​Sunrider or Exar Kun, even reaching Darth Bane with the order of two (already playing with the dates of the end of this era) and even going back to eating from it was that it has barely been explored, we have a lot of stories to tell, characters to re-canonize and conflicts to live.

Era of the prequels

The era between Episode I and the end of III is often referred to as the fall of the Republic or the Jedi, but I had to make a division to separate the years between Episode I and II (and before the Episode I, during Obi Wan’s training) and the Clone Wars, which are important enough to dedicate a section to them. These years will probably not differ much from the last years of the High Republic, but they are still interesting and full of familiar faces. Being able to start the game with our training in the Jedi Temple watching masters like Windu, Kit Fisto or Aayala Sequra, putting them in command of smugglers who end up in trouble with the shady businesses of the Hutts or the Trade Federation or even managing a young Darth Maul during his years of training and in the shadows, before revealing himself in The Phantom Menace. It should be remembered that there was already a zabrak game in development a few years ago and it would be a great opportunity to recover this idea after his return to the fore in the latest products of the franchise.

Vignette centered on Qui GonVignette centered on Qui Gon

High Republic (250 BBY)

The High Republic has only been around for a short time, so it is difficult to know exactly what to expect from it. It is known that it lasts until approximately 50 years before Episode I, and the new series of The Acolyte seems to be exploring the possibility of adapting the story of Darth Plagueis, so we would be approaching a time that we already know (and that we will talk about later) and they could even play with seeing famous people on our screens, especially if we consider that Master Yoda was already active during this time. Taking into account that what we know about this new era revolves mainly around the Starlight Beacon, I cannot stop imagining the station as a Nexus between planets where I can take my ship and start exploring through space to different locations, delving into the unknown regions. And no one knows that we could meet there.

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Rise of the New Republic (Mandalorian era, 5 ABY)

The Mandalorian has been without a doubt one of the most refreshing firsts we’ve had from Star Wars in recent years. Its setting, between Episode 6 and Episode 7, is one of the great gaps left by the decanonization of the Disney Expanded Universe and therefore is a great breeding ground for developing new adventures. Either in the purest style of the classic Jedi Academy or managing a bounty hunter in the purest Din Djarin style, it is a setting with a lot to tell and that could increase the levels of that transmedia narrative so characteristic of the saga, preparing the ground for the arrival of the Grand Admiral.

Arte conceptual de The MandalorianArte conceptual de The Mandalorian

Clone Wars (22-19 BBY)

The Clone Wars are the most famous setting in Star Wars thanks to all the content they have released around it. We have been able to engage in their conflicts through multiple video games over the years, but never to the level of depth that Ubisoft can give us. It should be remembered that this era is full of political conspiracies, internal conflicts, negotiations and endless situations with which they could implement those stealth and infiltration mechanics that they have perfected so well in their different sagas. Or, on the other hand, they can put us on the front line at the hands of a clone trooper or a Jedi. It is surely the setting with the greatest action scenes that it can give us.

Post- Episodio IX (35 DBY)

Episode IX marked the end of the Skywalker saga in cinema and the numbered episodes, but what if they continue in other media? What more threats are there in the galaxy after the defeat of the Emperor? What would it be like to be able to see the future of the saga and have it in our hands? It is something with which we can only speculate and we can barely delve into the setting since we do not know anything about the current canon beyond the latest adventure of Rey and company. It’s a blank canvas, and it’s a perfect opportunity.

Arte conceptual de Star Wars Episodio IXArte conceptual de Star Wars Episodio IX

Order 66 / Rise of the Empire (+ – 15 BBY)

This is the setting that I see most unlikely due to the simple fact that we already have Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which I am sure will make larger scenarios than in the original. Therefore, if you want to get an idea of ​​what we can expect, I simply refer you to the game developed by Respawn, because if you have not tried it, you are missing one of the best games of 2019.

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Dawn of the Jedi (25,000 BBY)

The origin of the Je’daii is a very little explored time in the saga. We had a series in the years of Dark Horse and some novels but there are many gaps to fill, giving the opportunity to develop something totally new and never seen and also lay the foundations for that film that has been playing for months about the first woman of the order. The Rakata Empire, the force hounds, the Tho Yor… an immensity of lore that would delight any fan of the series and that could be perfectly integrated with the mechanics that Ubisoft is used to.

Dawn of the JediDawn of the Jedi


Tatooine despite being on the outer edge of the galaxy many times seems to be the center of it. It is the planet where everything began, where everything ends and where there is always something to tell. Despite being a desert planet, Ubisoft has shown that it can do great things in these environments (just look at Assassin’s Creed Origins) and imagine being able to explore the planet with total freedom of movement, visiting the Sarlacc. Jabba’s Palace or participating in a pod race makes me wish that they will develop the new installment of the saga here.

Legacy era (200 ABY)

The Legacy era is a time in the old Star Wars canon, now known as Legends, which spanned up to 200 years after the Battle of Yavin. In this era we saw the distant descendants of our protagonists and it is for many fans the best thing that has ever been done with the saga created by George Lucas. In the current canon -Canon Disney that is often called colloquially- it is a time that has been out of continuity and that would have to be readapted because the future will be very different from what is developed in cartoons by Dark Horse. It is an era where we have a blank canvas to develop the story that they want to tell and can recover concepts such as the Imperial Knights and even dare to return the Yuuzhan Vong to our galaxy very, very far away.

Star Wars: Legacy ArtStar Wars: Legacy Art

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