Despite international rejection, Turkey continues its climb in the eastern Mediterranean – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Turkey has extended the term of the reconnaissance carried out by its ship “Uruç al-Raies” in the eastern Mediterranean until 4 of next month, during a notification issued by the Turkish Navy yesterday Saturday, in which it confirmed that “Uruç al-Raies “and the ships” Ataman “and” Genghis Khan “will continue to operate in an area south of the Greek island of Rhodes.

The Turkish Navy announced earlier this month that the ship “” Uruç al-Raies “will carry out a seismic survey in the eastern Mediterranean from October 12 to 22, and in another notification indicated that survey work in the region will continue until October 27. This October.

The European Union gave Turkey until December to “review its approaches to the eastern Mediterranean”, or else it will impose sanctions.

The dispute between Turkey and Europe escalated on August 10, when Turkey sent a ship to explore natural gas and warships into waters that it claims sovereignty with Greece.



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