Despite not forgetting its PvE side, Blizzard is “very focused on the PvP side” of Overwatch 2

Beyond the constant attempts to Blizzard by endowing the franchise with a sense and contextual vastness, there is no doubt that the main attraction of Overwatch falls on its multiplayer section. The online title based on the confrontation of heroes owes its popularity, to a great extent, to the magnificent experience of playing games against other users, and this is a fact that the developer is aware of. Therefore, regarding Overwatch 2, the focus will stay the same.

Thus, and despite the fact that it ensures that the PvE field still has importance for the company, Aaron Keller, director of the video game, indicated through GameSpot they are focused on their PvP fraction. “We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what the PvE side of the game is like through our hero missions, our campaign, and our progression system that drives it all. Nevertheless, the other side of the game is so important, if not more important, and that’s the PvP side“, I consider.

So for me, yeah, there’s this PvE side of Overwatch 2, but I’m very focused on the PvP side of the game and I want to make it as entertaining as we can“He said. Therefore, multiplayer users who enjoy facing other users can be sure that Blizzard will give great relevance to this facet of production, although we are still waiting to know when it will be available.

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