Despite vaccine, US and UK break records for deaths from covid

U.S and UK went through their worst day of the pandemic at a time when countries around the world tightened their restrictions against him coronavirus and mass vaccination campaigns were launched.

The World Health Organization reported that up to now they had administered 28 million doses all over the world, most in rich countries; health authorities of the U.S they said more than 10 million Americans they had already received their first vaccinations.

The worldwide contagions they shot up to exceed 91 million and the deaths approached the 2 million mark, forcing governments around the world to reimpose new restrictions, as confinements unpopular and painful for the economy.

U.S it is still the most affected country: with an average of three deaths per minute. That country registered a new record of deaths diaries with 4,470.

“It is without a doubt the darkest period of my entire career,” he admitted. Kari McGuire, head of the hospital’s palliative care unit Santa Maria of Apple Valley, in California, fully saturated.

The data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that out of 29 million doses of the vaccines Pfizer and Modern sent to the federal states to date, 10.2 million have been administered; that is, about 3.1 percent of the total population of U.S.

Canada was also struggling to contain a worrisome outbreak, ordering residents of Ontario -their most populous province- to stay at home.

The new strain in America

The British and South African variants of the coronavirus, especially contagious, are already found in about 50 countries.

Eight countries in America reported the variant detected in the UK, while two reported having identified the mutation located in South Africa also last month, said Wednesday the Pan American Health Organization (OPS).

Until january13, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru and state Uniteds had reported the British variant, while Brazil and Canada found in their laboratory samples that of South AfricaSylvain Aldighieri, Incident Manager for covid-19 from OPS.

“We want to encourage countries to increase their alert level,” Aldighieri said, calling for the “strict implementation” of the recommended public health measures.

Europe is confined again

In Europe, UK also registered a new death record: 1,564 in 24 hours, bringing the total number of victims to 84,767, the highest on the continent along with Italy.

England it is in the midst of its third national shutdown, with schools closed and an order for people to stay home. Similar restrictions exist on Scotland, Gales e North Ireland.

The first Minister, Boris Johnson, he told lawmakers that, although it is still too early, the latest restrictions were “beginning to show signs of some effect.”

In Portugal, the first Minister Antonio Costa, said the country would enter a new lockdown on Friday.

Switzerland closed the stores that sold non-essential products and ordered the people to will work from home in an attempt to avoid an explosion in the number of cases.

Denmark said it is extending isolation measures until February 7 amid the “extremely worrying” rise in infections with the British variant of the virus.

And in Norway, the government wants to impose mandatory tests at the borders, despite the fact that the country already has strict sanitary rules for visitors.

Emergency in Japan

Japan on Wednesday extended its state of emergency, already in force in Such and its periphery, to seven other regions, which include the main cities of Osaka and Kyoto. It will also tighten border restrictions as cases increase.

“We continue to see a serious situation,” Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said, adding that the measures were “indispensable.”

Although the outbreak of Japan is still comparatively small, with around 4,100 deaths in total, doctors say hospitals are under heavy pressure.

In China, which appeared to have eradicated the pandemic, several outbreaks have appeared in recent days, prompting authorities to impose strict travel restrictions for tens of millions of people. Meanwhile, today he reported his first death from the virus in eight months.

This is the case of Heilongjiang province, bordering Russia, and Hebei, which surrounds Beijing, where its 76 million inhabitants were banned from leaving the region.

Mass immunization

Governments around the world try to acquire and administer vaccines as quickly as possible, although these efforts will not, in principle, guarantee herd immunity in 2021warned the WHO.

Russian president Vladimir Putin on Wednesday tasked officials with launching mass vaccinations against the coronavirus beginning next week, promoting the locally made vaccine.

At UK, the government wants to launch 24-hour vaccination programs “as soon as possible.”

One of the vaccines developed in China, CoronaVac, proved 50 percent effective after tests in Brazil, said the organization in charge of its production in the South American country.

Although that figure is much lower than that of vaccines Modern and Pfizer-BioNTech, Indonesia, the second country in Asia hit hardest by covid-19, in back of India, gave the green light by initiating a massive inoculation campaign starting Wednesday. He Joko Widodo he was the first to receive the dose.



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