Destiny and Co: These games took their second chance

No Man’s Sky

Not only some loot shooters took their second chance. No Man’s Sky is probably the prime example of how a developer with a lot of passion turns a title, which became the mockery of the video game scene when it was released, into what it should have been from the start. Not only that: Today No Man’s Sky is even more than that. And for none of the umpteen content updates, no gamer had to pay anything. All previous extensions, no matter how big they are, are free. Who would have thought in 2015, when No Man’s Sky was released and not even remotely what the developers had promised, that it would turn into a good game in the following years?

We are not exaggerating when we write that the open-world game at the release, despite the gigantic universe, was an empty, deadly boring experience and not even worth the price of over 50 euros. Sean Murray, the boss of Hello Games, has been called a liar for talking about things that weren’t in the game, including multiplayer, until it was released. The hatred for him and his team was great.

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