Diablo 4 First Quarterly Update Introduces Cannibal Monsters, Left Click Link, and PC Controller Support

Blizzard keeps its promise to provide quarterly updates on Diablo 4 , with the first update introducing a new monster family and a list of other cool features.

The monsters in Diablo 4 are grouped into families, and the most recent of them promises to be as miserable and depraved as the rest. Cannibals arrive in Diablo 4 with four separate members, each with their own unique design and weapons.

There are two melee fighters equipped with a two-handed helicopter and a light halberd respectively. Then there’s the thug, who uses spiked clubs to damage and stun players. , Swarms are Double Ax Nightmares that will take advantage of the thug’s stun to surround and devour you. Here is a haunting photo of some cannibals preparing dinner:

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Blizzard’s long development The upgrade It also details some of the ways Diablo 4 is shaped from community feedback. For example, you can now link your primary skill to a button other than a click. And although I can’t imagine using another key to hack dungeons, my left mouse button thanks heaven.

Another way Blizzard makes Diablo 4 more flexible for gamers has different preferences when adding gamepad support for PC gamers, which makes sense given that the new entry is the first Diablo game to be developed simultaneously for console and PC.

The update also confirms that Blizzard is working to adjust the look and feel of the inventory screen after hearing feedback, but says they don’t plan to not bring items of different sizes in Devil 1 and 2.

“We both hope to achieve our goal of a realistic and realistic user interface, while balancing ease of use. As the inventory screen is probably the one that our players will interact with the most, we greatly appreciate your feedback in this area,” Angela writes. Del Priore, lead designer at UI.

Finally, Blizzard is working on improving couch co-op play in Diablo 4 after you hear complaints about the UI screen on a local player’s screen interrupting play for the other player. “For Diablo IV, we’ve decided to focus on enhancing the preferred 2-player co-op experience and setting our main progress UI screens to run at the same time.”

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