Diablo causes unexpected legal conflict between Blizzard and Fox

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Legal conflicts between companies are an everyday thing. In fact, the trial between Epic Games and Apple began today. This confrontation is not the only one that has just begun, as Blizzard lashed out at Fox for an issue related to Diablo, his popular franchise.

According to the details, lawyers for Blizzard prevented Fox from registering a trademark for one of its upcoming series that will debut later this month. We refer to HouseBroken, an animated comedy for adults.

What does the Fox series have to do with Diablo? Well, the production has a character named after the franchise and Fox wants to register the name as a brand to later launch collectibles and various items of HouseBroken.

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Blizzard and Fox initiate legal dispute over something related to Diablo

According to the information, Fox planned to register “Diablo” as a trademark to launch products such as food and pet supplies, since HouseBroken has anthropomorphic dogs as characters.

However, Blizzard did not like the idea, so his lawyers took action and opposed Fox. The study says that the registry can cause confusion, errors or deception among audiences, so it will do everything possible to block the company request.

Blizzard I already started a legal process in the United States Patent Office so that the term “Diablo” is not registered as a trademark of Fox. The company stressed that its well-known series has existed since 1997 and that it has had several releases.

In addition, the study argues that this year it plans to launch Diablo Immortal So what Diablo IV is already in development. Fox’s lawyers have not responded to Blizzard’s request to authorities. The conflict is expected to be resolved soon, as HouseBroken It will debut on May 31.

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“Taking into account that the brands in question are identical (…) it is likely that the public mistakenly believes that the plaintiff’s products offered under the DIABLO brand originate from the DIABLO brand, or are in some way connected or associated,” he says the document presented by Blizzard.

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Diablo III is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. Go to this link to know more news about him.



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