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Diablo IV appears again on the occasion of BlizzCon 2021 and introduces us to its new class: the Rogue.

The BlizzCon 2021 It has not disappointed when it comes to showing new information about the next installment of the saga Diablo.

Although the game is still in development and there is no specific release window, fans have been able to get excited again with the introduction of a new class: the Sassy Girl.

The Druid, Barbarian and Sorcerer are joined by this new class versed in fast and lethal attacks. From Blizzard they have advanced that it is a reinvention of the Harpy of the first Diablo, endowing it with new abilities, daggers for close combat and bow and arrows to attack from a distance.

According to the director of the game, Luis Barriga, for Eurogamer, Diablo IV offers many customization options.

You don’t have to play Rogue like she’s part of the Brotherhood of the Blind Eye. You can play as an outlaw from the streets of Caldeum, or a smuggler from the swamps of Hawezar.

Diablo IV is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. They have not yet ruled on the versions of PS5 and Xbox Series, but considering that the wait is long, it will take a few months to know the official dates and platforms.

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