“Diana would be alive if she hadn’t given up the royal escort.” The shocking words of her friend Tina Brown

Diana of Wales she would be alive if she hadn’t given up her royal escort after thinking that the personnel protecting her were, in fact, spying on her. It is what Tina Brown, good friend of Princess Diana and former director of Vanity Fair USA, has told the British newspaper The Express After the BBC has opened an investigation, and Boris Johnson supports her and the brother of the late Diana Earl Spencer demands her, to clarify if the princess was manipulated into granting the famous interview to Martin Bashir on the program Panorama when they are about to turn 25 years old. It has been pointed to the possibility that Bashir, with the intention of persuading the princess to give him the interview, showed him fake bank statements on alleged payments from the UK intelligence service To him eployees to be spied on. The interview at BBC made in 1995 from Kensington Palace with statements as harsh as “there were three of us in my marriage” in reference to her, the Prince carlos and Camilla Parker Bowles accelerated the divorce of Diana and the heir to the British throne. If that interview had not happened, if Bashir had not shown those supposed false excerpts, Tina Brown believes that Diana would still be alive today. Because, according to the same media outlet, the princess renounced her protection thinking that they were spying on her, and if that had not happened perhaps the accident could have been avoided: “She had decided that she did not want any of the royal protection officers because she thought they were spying on her, probably thanks to Martin Bashir, “he said. In Paris, “I was at the mercy of an off-duty drunk driver who worked for (Mohamed Al) Fayed. If he had had just that, a royal protection officer, he would still be alive today.” Brown, author of The Diana Chronicle, believes that an employee of the British Royal House “would never have driven like that, in that reckless way, it just wouldn’t have happened.” Definitely, in his opinion, “there is no way she would be dead if she had had a real protection officer with her that night.”

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