Boris Johnson puts his right foot on a table of the Elysee

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Mr. Johnson laid a foot on a table during a meeting with President Macron at the Elysee

A photo of Boris Johnson sticking his foot on a table during discussions in Paris with the French president has elicited unflattering comments on social networks.

But users who have called the British prime minister's actions insults could have jumped to conclusions.

A video seems to show that Mr. Johnson was responding to a joke from his host.

President Emmanuel Macron seems to suggest that the small table could also serve as a footrest before Mr. Johnson raises his boot right on the table.

A user accused Mr. Johnson of bad mannerssaying, "Imagine the indignation of the British scandal papers if a foreign prime minister did so at Buckingham Palace!"

Another commented (in French): "British class, BoJo style. "

The safety net is essential, says Macron Johnson

But Sky News political correspondent Tom Rayner presented a different perspective on the incident, saying it was part of a good mood exchange.

French media also took the light of the incident.

"No, Boris Johnson did not insult France by putting his foot on the table in front of Emmanuel Macron," headlined an article in the newspaper Le Parisien, in which was then discussed the slight exchange that united the two men.

"The Internet reacts quickly and sometimes reacts excessively," he added.

The websites of the weekly L 'Obs and FranceInfo have also seen the fun side of the episode.

In the eyes of the French media, at least, it seems that the Prime Minister has not set foot in the panel this time, after all.