The social media environment in 2019 is sometimes revealed so surreal that some people have struggled to distinguish which extreme statements were genuine and which ones were jokes or hoaxes.

One of these events occurred in mid-August 2019, when a Twitter user posing as a fictional cow Devin Nunes, R-Calif., Owner of the US representative, published a fake tweet apparently attributed to one of the most prolific users of the platform, President Donald Trump.

Trump tweeted weird or impenetrable comments in the past, perhaps prompting some to ask if he is the author of the tweet above (we have trimmed the user's name for confidentiality purposes).

This is not true. Not only the "cow" later reply If readers have doubts, they can check Trump's Twitter archive, which stores all Trump tweets, even those that have been deleted.

The fake tweet was posted in response to a statement posted on the platform by Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who said his father had long "defended China." The fake tweet played remarks that Trump has made in the past by praising the beauty of his daughter Ivanka, whom some have found unpleasant.