Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

In the tightly staged New York Times Magazine interview with Vanessa Grigoriadis, published after the arrest of Allison Mack, Allison was not even asked by Grigoriadis (at least not in the file) if she herself has a brand.

Lauren's testimony shows that Keith created the brand. It was his idea and so Allison falsely admitted in an interview with Times Magazine that branding was her idea.

It was not. These are signs that Allie, with Lauren's help, should take the "fall" for Keith.

Emphasizing Allison Mack's "AM" in the stories about branding in the media may have exaggerated the misinformation – that the branding was Allie's idea and that she supplanted Lauren & Nancy in authority over the slaves.

It screams for "setup". Keith could have been behind it.

If it had been one of Allie's slaves blowing the whistle instead of Lauren's slave Sarah Edmondson – and if Allie had not met her boyfriend at CBC – I wonder if Lauren did not escape the arrest.

I think Lauren lied on the stand, claiming that she does not know that "AM" occurs in her brand, IMO, when the direct point of view is far more obvious than KAR's sideways. This means that Allison Mack has taken care of me.

Lauren also told Sarah and others that it was a symbol of the elements, so she had to miss the KAR as well. But for me it's PERJURY.

Late innings regret Daniela

According to her testimony, Lauren received a phone call from Hector, Daniela's father, and told her that his intelligent daughter, who was attached to a college, wanted to attend "Nxivm courses." How well did she know Hector?

I admire your remorse for what happened to Daniela, but how did you get into a state of being so uncomfortable with another person that you captured and tortured an innocent, clever, rebellious little girl, that you arranged with your father, Hector, to import it for KAR – As sure as you were in the Bronfman jet to pick up Allison Mack?

Marie White's "Lauren in Nxivm"

Caressing fathers?

KAR mentions the nation's "founding fathers" in his proposal to defend DOS.

This reminds me of some rather antipatriarchal discussions that I have had with the Vanguard and with my sister Gina – beginning with talking about those pretty "disreputable sluts" who have enjoyed the "caressing fathers" of our nation. They held slaves and did all sorts of hedonistic things to oppress women, Keith said back then.

"Marc Agnifilo, The Elegant Shyster" – by Marie White

Agnifilo, a pretty tricky lawyer

While Stephen Herbits's statement in the lawsuit against Keith Alan Raniere, his lawyer, Marc Agnifilo asked the following question.

Agnifilo: All right. And I think you said in a direct investigation that Clare and Sara won this lawsuit against Parlato?

Herbits: My knowledge was that they won the LA lawsuit, which was the Plyam lawsuit. In this lawsuit, it was 28 million. They won 10 million. "

This is a textbook, a top dollar, a lawyer at work, and it should be illegal because it is a kind of perjury. Agnifilo put Herbit's words in her mouth. A lie was Herbits in the form of a query devious.

And since Herbits did not directly deny that lie in his response and the prosecution did not object, it is a perfectly legal slander that causes jurors to believe a complete lie about Frank Parlato, inadvertently justified by the credible Mr. Herbits.

Almost anyone who reads the above question about Frank Parlato would assume that in the case of "Plyam" there is a $ 10 million judgment against Parlato?

That "Clare," as Herbits said, in some cases won against Frank? That a court found Frank guilty of what he did to NXIVM?

Guess what? There is no "judgment" against Frank Parlato for a single red cent, certainly not anywhere, and certainly not in the "Plyam case".

I know exactly how much Frank plays in the case of "Plyam".

and these same NXIVM marsh scum sharks tried to do the same thing to Frank in 2011 as they do in this case – and Frank is also not involved in this process.

In both cases – the case of "Plyam" – the actual title is: Precision Development – Plyam – and now, in this case, USA – Raniere – Frank has been in a bid to turn the whistleblower into a scapegoat – to try him in To blame absence – for whatever sympathy the jury may have towards the Plyams (the accused) or the poor little Keith Raniere.

Frank came to LA and hired Robert Crockett Esq. by Latham & Watkins, LA, on behalf of the Bronfmans, [Crockett has since made a fortune for himself suing Keith’s and Nxivm’s “enemies” with Clare’s money],

The good news is that the whole world now knows what Nxivm is all about – not least thanks to Frank Parlato, and there is no lie about Frank or anyone in this courtroom who will acquit KAR.

Artist Marie White's "Frank Parlato Reveals Nxivm."