Diego Maradona Junior was admitted to Naples for complications with COVID 19

Diego Maradona Junior, with his father during a visit to Argentina

Troubled hours are lived within the Maradona family. After the surgical intervention on Diego’s head, the Italian media report that Diego Maradona Junior (the son that the Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata coach had with the Italian Cristiana Sinagra) He was admitted to the Cotugno hospital in Naples for complications with the coronavirus.

The eldest of the descendants of the former world champion in Mexico 86 He tested positive for COVID 19, like his partner, on November 5, so he was unable to travel to Argentina to be with his father in the operation for the subdural hematoma at the Olivos Clinic or in the rehabilitation process that he is currently carrying out in a home located in the north of Gran Buenos Aires.

“This period of sh … does not end. After the great anxiety for Dad, today we received the result of the swab and unfortunately both I and Nunzia are positive. We are symptomatic and I assure you that it is not pleasant at all, “the 34-year-old explained at the time by posting on his account on the social network Instagram.

This is how Diego Maradona Junior announced that he tested positive for COVID 19 (@diegomaradonajunior)

This is how Diego Maradona Junior announced that he tested positive for COVID 19 (@diegomaradonajunior)

Junior, who played the inferiors in Napoli -club in which Diego is the maximum idol- and had an outstanding performance with the Italian beach soccer team, worsened with the passing of the days, registering a picture of fever, fatigue and cough , for which he had to be admitted last Thursday. However, both the Corriere del Mezzogiorno as The Gazzetta dello Sport they report that its current conditions are good and could even be discharged shortly.

It is worth mentioning that the Maradona Pennino family lives in Italy and is made up, in addition to the couple, by their children Diego Matías and India Nicole.

The relationship between Junior and his father grew considerably in recent times, to the point of becoming very close. On October 30, he used his social networks to send him an emotional greeting for his birthday: “Dear dad, today is your 60th birthday and I tell you the truth, I would have liked to spend it in a different way, with you having fun and forgetting this evil moment at least for a few hours … But no, I am here writing to you, away from that embrace of yours that I had dreamed of for many years. I wish that you smile more than ever, that you love without ties and that you are always happy. They often ask me if I have forgiven you … how could I not have done it if with a hug you managed to cancel so much suffering? I would forgive you a thousand times more and do you know why? Because each child has their own superhero, and you have always been mine !!! I love you Papa”.

The coach, for his part, will continue his recovery due to the withdrawal symptoms (linked to the consumption of alcohol and the medication he took for his anxiety problems and to fall asleep) in a house in the North area and will not return, for the At the time, to his residence in Brandsen, where he had moved to be close to the Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata training ground.


This is how Diego Maradona spent his first day of rehabilitation after leaving the clinic

Diego Maradona Junior has coronavirus and will not be able to travel to Argentina to see his father

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