Diego Schwartzman, “proud” of having endured four months in bubbles, returns home happy

Peque says South Americans are at a disadvantage with Europeans

Diego Schwartzman he said goodbye without success to his first Masters Cup, in London, after losing consecutively to Serbian Novak Djokovic, German Alex Zverev and, this Friday, against Russian Daniil Medvedev, by a double 6-3. Getting here was a mixture of satisfaction for the road and fury for the outcome. “I hate leaving like this, after games in which I was outmatched. It makes me want to come back next year and find a way to do better, “said Peque at the press conference.

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The sports balance is positive, especially because of what the tennis player had to row to reach this stage. “It is always a mix of physical and mental fatigue. The South American has a huge disadvantage with the European always, and more at this time with the pandemic. I i never came home and the other seven players who are here did it for at least six or seven months, to spend a few weeks with their people, in their place, and I couldn’t even go to the corner to have a coffee “, Schwartzman explained.

In privacy, he felt cruel. “I’m like March and April, I’m still locked up in hotels. I can’t be complaining about what I’m doing because I’m doing well, but I did the calculation in the morning what I had to fight for. I had 6 or 8 days off, nothing more than I could get out of bubbles. The rest of the four months I was in hotels, clubs, without seeing the sun in many cases (in indoor tournaments) or being able to walk to the car. I am very proud of what I was able to achieve with how difficult it was being this time away from home, Living locked up and testing us Now is the time to go back and I am very happy with all the effort, what I was improving and what I was able to overcome post pandemic “, He confessed the best Argentine in the world ranking, which closes the year in the top 10.

Schwartzman was eliminated without being able to win a game in his group of the London Masters Source: AP

“It’s hard. There were many borderline moments that I made a break to be able to come out positive. The truth is that I arrived well. I don’t know how I did. Maybe they surrounded me very well and helped me for that, and also winning games always keeps you going, but I can’t wait to be able to slow down a bit, “he added.

“If I have to make a balance, it is a little strange, because there is a mixture of situations. In Argentina and in the world there are a lot of things that were so bad that it is a bit strange to say that I had so many good weeks and the best year of my career “, was the particular observation of number 9 in the world.

“In sports, I exceeded the goals that I had set for myself for several years, when I felt that I could achieve better things in the Grand Slam, in the Masters 1000 and against the best. I grew up in many things and it was a great year in every way for me, I won many games, on different surfaces and especially the ones I had to win, “said Peque.

Diego Schwartzman returns to Buenos Aires after four months from bubble to bubble

Diego Schwartzman returns to Buenos Aires after four months from bubble to bubble Source: Archive – Credit: MARTIN BUREAU / AFP

And he went back to the Masters. “Everything ends in this tournament that several puddles grabbed me and got me wet. These three games were tough and the group didn’t help me, Because my rivals on this type of court are where they play the best and, at this point in the year, with the confidence that the best arrive, they usually play very well here. I was surpassed beyond what I did right and wrong. “

Finally, he acknowledged: “If there is an image that I do not want to return to in 2020, it would be the photo that circulated after the game with (Cameron) Norris.” That time, at the US Open, he was two sets up and even blew a match point in the fifth set before being eliminated. He felt the world collapse.

“It was the new return to tennis, without people, with controls, with a lot of protocols, without being able to leave the rooms and on top of it compete very badly … I thought how I was going to do to return in November if things did not improve. A thousand things crossed my mind about turning before, about how to endure, how to improve … At that moment everything was dark “, ended. It is time to fulfill the wishes to return.

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