Pokémon Go, fitness sessions, portion control, and chicken fries prepared in cola were part of a lifestyle overhaul that helped a Nottinghamshire caregiver move an incredible nine stones in just over a year.

With his heaviest Adam Birkett from Kirkby-in-Ashfield, the Libra plunged to a hefty 23st thanks to his love of biscuits, sugary cereal, snacks, and extra-large portions.

The 28-year-old, who is a full-time home care worker for his father, says he was never annoyed with his weight and thought himself quite satisfied, but was encouraged by his doctor to lose weight.

"If I had a problem with my tibia or a chest infection, he would end up increasing my weight," says Adam, who is two meters tall.

"It got me in. When he suggested trying out Slimming World with a free 12-week pass, I thought I'd try."

Adam Birkett was the heaviest 23rd 2lb
Adam Birkett was the heaviest 23rd 2lb

At the time of joining Hannah Packer's group at the Ashwood Center, Adams included daily sugars such as Frosties or Wheetos for breakfast, a four-slice sandwich stuffed with cheese and onions for lunch, chips and biscuits in between, and a dinner consisting of home-made, homemade Eat like spaghetti bolognese – but served in colossal portions. Adam would wash it all off with plenty of fat, bubbly pop.

"I did not eat bad stuff," says Adam, who now ranks 14th.

"I always had home-cooked, healthy meals, I only had a snack once a week, it was the overeating that was the problem."

By nature shy, Adam was concerned about joining a Slimming World class first, especially as it was mostly women. However, when he took part in his first class, he met a guy who had recently lost nine stones and used it as inspiration.

He says, "When I first stood on the scales, I was so nervous, I weighed 23 pounds, I was determined to do that, and in my first week I lost 7 pounds and felt unbelievable."

Adam Birkett has lost nine stones in just one year with Slimming World
Adam Birkett has lost nine stones in just one year with Slimming World

Following the plan, Adam meant that he cooked with oil and prepared at least 30 percent fresh fruit. He exchanged full-fat pop for diet versions and reduced his portion sizes.

Today, his daily diet includes Bran Flakes for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and lasagna or spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. His favorite, however, is an unusual dish.

"Diet Coke Chicken. It's the first thing I can recommend to anyone who starts the plan, it's like a Chinese pan, but you cook the chicken with Coke."

Adam, who was crowned Gentleman Sleek 2017 and 2018 and Man of the Year 2018 in his group, stepped up his physical efforts and joined a local gym. Signing up for the outdoor virtual collecting game, Pokemon Go, also helped Adam increase his daily pace.

With almost half of his heaviest body weight, Adam says he has more energy to play with his nephew and no longer has breathing or movement problems.

Adam Birkett at 14st 11lb
Adam Birkett at 14st 11lb

He adds, "My life has changed completely and I never look back, I could not have done that without the help and support of the entire group."

Class leader Hannah Packer says, "Adam came to me as a very shy guy in my group, I'm so incredibly proud of his performance and I have the privilege of seeing how he has changed in so many ways – and all the better. "

If anyone wants to attend Hannah's Slimming World class, call 07834 401015.

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