Dragon Quest Builders 2

With Dragon Quest Builders 2 Kazuya Niinou, who is now available for the switch, has decided to continue from Square Enix. After "about seven years" in the company, he is now looking forward to a "new development environment" that has worked on two Dragon Quest games in a row.

It is believed that Niinou already has plans – more details about his future will be announced next week. Despite his progress, he is reported to continue to overlook Dragon Quest Builders 2 and act as an external employee for Square Enix. If you say so, there is no guarantee that there will be additional updates and DLC for the second game.

The talented person was previously the director of Trauma Center: Under the knife on DS and the designer of Etrian Odyssey – which also started with the DS – while at Atlus. In addition to the Builders series, Niinou was the deputy director of MMO 2013, Final Fantasy XIV: A Reborn Empire,

Did you play one of the Dragon Quest Builders? How about the other titles that Niinou worked on? Would you like the above series to continue without it? Construct a comment below.