DIRECTV Sports ™ | “James can end up like Özil at Arsenal”

Former footballer David Connolly referred to the moment the Colombian lives in Everton.

James Rodriguez comes from more to less with Everton. And what began as a sea of ​​good football and goals now seems a vestige of the first days, with the Colmbiano shining little, running little, and walking a lot. And they have noticed that in all Premier League.

Now it was the turn of David Connolly, the former Irish footballer, who has shown himself to be an admirer of 10, but also calls him out for more commitment. And he did so with a less than encouraging comparison.

“He can end up like Özil at Arsenal, stagnate like what happened to the German, who went from being the star to not playing. It will depend on him and the way Carlo Ancelotti takes it. Because he has talent. And to spare ”, he said in an interview with talkSport.

He also added: “He keeps standing when he should run back and help others. In defense it does not contribute anything and there comes a time when you have to value that. Sure, you don’t lose a ball, but it’s not so decisive anymore, ”said the man who was with Ireland at the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.

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