The next meeting at Hereford Racecourse will be on Tuesday. The first Racehorse Owners Association (ROA) industrial property race day shows racehorse ownership.

There are currently around 8,000 ROA members founded by Sir Malcolm McAlpine in 1945 to promote and protect the interests of UK racehorse owners, writes Rebecca Davies, Managing Director of Hereford Racecourse.

The ROA is also a shareholder of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), the umbrella organization of the sport, and has set itself the goal of making the ownership cheaper and more entertaining.

The race day is an opportunity for the racetrack to celebrate the ownership of a racehorse and for the race visitors to learn more about the wonderful world of the owner of a racehorse.

Once upon a time, only a select few had racehorses.

Now there are other ways to experience the joy of being an owner who opens the opportunity for all.

This was demonstrated on Hereford's last game, where Herefordshire coach Kerry Lee led the syndicate horse Magic Dancer, and another local coach will do the same on Tuesday to improve the profile of the Hereford coaches and the accessibility of owning racehorses.

To become the sole owner of a racehorse, you must first buy one.

You can ask a Bloodstock agent or trainer to help you with this, or you can turn to sales for yourself.

Once you have bought your horse, you need to find a suitable trainer to send it to.

There are many affordable options, which now include racing clubs and syndicates.

Normally a racing club buys or leases a horse for you and you only pay a monthly / yearly fee to deal with a large group.

Syndicates are a bit more personal … They buy a share of a horse and then share the costs associated with keeping it in training with other shareholders.

Interested in joining in – why not learn about the Hereford Racecourse and more from the experts on Tuesday?