IIn September 2018, a new vacation entitlement for survivors was approved, granting parents a legal right to two weeks' leave if they lose a child under the age of 18 or have a stillbirth in the 24th week of pregnancy. The law, which is expected to come into effect in 2020, does not apply to bereavement in animals.

Blue Cross, which runs an animal mourning service, said employers should not underestimate the impact of the death of a pet on its owner.

"We've been assisting grieving pet owners for 25 years, and we know how devastating the loss of an animal can be," said Diane James, Blue Cross Maid Service Manager, opposite The Telegraph.

"The owners of Despair, Grief, and Grief feel when their pet dies and when they lose a human family member, and should never do so recklessly."

Ms. James said Blue Cross supports employers who offer bereavement so pet owners have time to put up with their losses.

The Advisory, Mediation and Arbitration Service (Acas), which provides impartial labor law advice, said that while the death of a pet is not covered by labor legislation, employers should recognize that the death of a pet may affect a worker's well-being ,