Disney + celebrates “Star Wars Day” with the premiere of Star Wars content

This May 4 is “Star Wars Day” so Disney + has released the new series ‘Star Wars: La Remesa Mala’. In addition, there is new content such as ‘Star Wars: A spacewalk’, ‘Star Wars: Biomas’, a Take-Over of the fan illustration service and the new short film of ‘The Simpsons’ starring Maggie Simpson.

On May 4, known as
Star wars day, Disney + will premiere the new series of the saga ‘Star Wars: The Bad Remittance’, the first
short inspired by ‘Star Wars’ by The Simpson and numerous cinematic experiences to celebrate the farthest galaxy.

As a special gift for fans, Disney+ will premiere ‘Maggie Simpson in “Awakening from Nap”‘, a new short of
The Simpson inspired by Star Wars, in which some of the characters from the galaxy Star Wars they approach the city of
Springfield. This new short is the first of several of
The Simpson
that they will come to Disney+ this year to pay tribute to some of the best-known brands and titles in the service

In addition, to celebrate the art and creativity of the community of Star Wars,
Y Disney+ They have commissioned original illustrations to thematize the service for several days, something that will happen for the first time on the platform. A group of artists and fans of Star Wars around the world have created illustrations representing different movies and series of Star Wars,
bringing them to life through their own styles. These illustrations will appear in the service until May 9.

The new series, the short and the theming of the service will be available at Disney+ on Spain from May 4 at 9:00 a.m.

Premieres arriving at Disney + on May 4 at 9:00 a.m.

Star Wars: The Bad Remittance

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The series tells the story of the elite clones of the Bad remittance, that we met for the first time in
The Clone Wars
. This time, they will enter a galaxy that will change rapidly just after the Clone Wars. The members of
The Bad Remittance
, a unique squad of clones that differ genetically from their brethren of the Clone ArmyThey possess exceptional ability that makes them extraordinarily effective soldiers and an unbeatable team. In the era after Clone Wars, they will undertake mercenary missions as they fight to stay afloat and find new goals.

Maggie Simpson in “Awakening from Nap”

In a kindergarten very, very far away … but without leaving Springfield, Maggie embarks on an epic quest for his stolen pacifier. Her adventure leads her to confront young Padawan, Sith Lords, family droids and rogue scum, and the ultimate fight against the dark side. Everything, in an original short that pays tribute to the universe Star Wars.

Star Wars Biomas

Enjoy a virtual vacation in some of the most iconic and beloved places in Star Wars, What Hoth, Tatooine Y Sorgan. In this series, you will embark on a bird’s eye view of the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars: A Spacewalk

Stroll through some of the most iconic vehicles and ships in Star Wars. An exploration of the most memorable interiors of the Millenium Falcon and the
Imperial Star Destroyer.


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