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“The Mandalorian” and “WandaVision” are a complete success for Disney. The company has already exceeded its forecasts for the Disney + streaming service.

Just before the start of Star, Disney already has something to celebrate. Because the in-house streaming service Disney+ could already reach a milestone. Far more people have subscribed to Disney + than the company originally thought.

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Disney has released its latest figures on Disney + usage (via Variety). It’s the incredible number of 94.9 million subscribers. That is around 8 million more customers than at the beginning of December 2020. With these numbers Disney has already exceeded its own target. The entertainment giant had assumed that the 90 million subscribers would only be reached within four years and not after just over a year.

The popular in-house productions that can only be watched at Disney + are responsible for reaching this milestone quickly: First and foremost the second season of the “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian”, the Marvel series “WandaVision” and the Pixar film “ Soul”.

These 11 Originals are worthwhile at Disney +:

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Netflix and Disney + in competition

It will probably be the next boost for the number of subscribers at Disney + from February 23, 2021 give. Then namely Star available to all Disney + customers. With Star, the family-friendly company offers over 300 films and series that are aimed at a more adult audience. Due to the rapid increase in subscriber numbers, Disney has adjusted its forecasts. The company now expects 230 million to 260 million paying customers by September 2024.

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But even the world’s largest streaming service, Netflix, has exceeded its target, like Variety reported. In the last quarter of 2020, Netflix gained 8.51 million users, around 2.5 million more than expected. The streaming service now has 203.7 million paying customers. Here, too, in-house productions such as “The Lady’s Gambit”, “Bridgerton” and “Lupine”, which became a hit for the streaming service, made a decisive contribution to the increased number of users.

The race for dominance in the streaming market will continue for the next few years. The announcement of six Marvel series, which should come in 2021, ten new “Star Wars” series and a whole series of “Star Wars” films are intended to ensure that the next target of Disney + is achieved on time.

“The Mandalorian” was Disney + ‘s first big hit. How well do you know the series?

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