Disney + launches new category: What is Star?

As of Tuesday, the streaming service Disney + has a new program area: Star. But what is it? Disney is presenting its own productions under the new Star category. Because until now Disney + consisted of cartoons, nature documentaries, children’s films, “Star Wars” and superhero films. Star will also include feature films, series and documentaries that were produced by 20th Television, Searchlight Pictures and Touchstone Pictures in addition to the Disney studios. Disney announced this in a press conference last week. This not only has advantages for customers – from February 23, Disney will only be offering its streaming service to new customers at a higher price.

Which films and series are there on Star?

The customer does not have to subscribe to Star. The program area appears automatically on the streaming platform. Films from recent years such as “Air Force One”, “Pretty Woman” or “Good Morning Vietnam” are aimed at an older audience than the previous program. The program also includes in-house productions such as “Solar Opposite” about an alien family in the USA, the supernatural drama “Hellstrom” about the children of a mysterious serial killer, and the coming-of-age series “Love, Victor”. In the fourth original “Big Sky” three detectives go on the trail of missing young women.

Are there any series from Germany?

With “Sam – Ein Sachse” and “Sultan City”, two German productions are also to come into the program. The miniseries “Sam – Ein Sachse” tells the story of Samuel Meffire, the first black policeman in Saxony after the fall of the Wall, his slide into crime and his way out. “Sultan City” is a black humor comedy series about Sultan and her three daughters. After the disappearance of their father, they discover their talent for a career in the underworld of Berlin. These productions are part of a European series offensive by Disney +. By 2024, the giant wants to commission 50 productions from Europe, as the company announces.

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Why is there a parental control now?

For the first time, the new content includes age ratings from 16 and 18 years. While the competition at Netflix and Amazon already has its own children’s area, this was previously not necessary with Disney + and this framework. Parents can now protect Star with a child protection PIN to prevent their children from watching unsuitable programs.

How expensive is the subscription now?

The larger selection of films, series and documentaries also has an impact on the price. From the end of February this will now be 8.99 euros per month for new customers. Anyone who is already a subscriber pays the current price of 6.99 euros for a further six months.

The Disney + streaming service has been available in Germany since March 2020. The catalog includes productions from Disney franchises such as Disney Classics, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic. In February 2021, Disney announced a subscriber number of 94.9 million.

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