Disney Plus is ready to take off in Mexico

Disney + will be one hundred percent familiar, with content in 4K, but certain movies or complete series will not be there due to their classification

A year ago, Disney + was activated in the United States with the entire catalog of the company’s films and the premiere of its original series The Mandalorian, which became a hit with Star Wars fans, who are looking for alternate universes and new narratives. of the saga created by George Lucas.

In that country, the service has not been exempt from certain controversies by modifying some content in accordance with concepts or characters that today are politically incorrect, for example the 1946 classic Song of the South, it was not included in the platform, since has determined in recent years that it normalized slavery, racism and social exclusion; the movie Splash! With Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, a scene where Hannah’s butt was seen, or the episode of The Simpsons where Michael Jackson lent his voice to be a character that imitates the singer, was also digitally modified, it was also removed, broadcast millennium.com.

“Disney Plus is a one hundred percent familiar platform, for example there are contents that will not be in the catalog like DeadPool, but that you will be able to see soon in” Star “which, as you know, is a new platform that will come with another type of content” commented David Chávez, vice president of Marketing for The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) in Mexico.

How many profiles can you have on Disney +

The service will allow the creation of up to seven different profiles per membership, so that each user can save their preferences and see what they want, whenever they want; series and movies may have multilanguage support, with up to 17 languages ​​for the original content (in audio and subtitles), including Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Dutch, German , Italian, French (France), French (Canada), Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, English (UK) and English (EU), as well as customizable subtitles with different sizes.

Certain content can be viewed in 4K quality and Dolby Atmos sound, which will be enabled as long as you have a screen or sound bar with the ability to play this type of format, in addition to having a broadband internet connection is recommended. .

Membership to Disney + allows simultaneous playback on up to four devices, as well as unlimited downloads on up to ten devices.

The Simpsons come to Disney +

Regarding FOX content, for example the case of The Simpsons, TWDC’s vice president of marketing said that not all seasons or episodes will arrive at the moment, but that there will be news about this and other series and movies soon.

It should be noted that although with the arrival of this new streaming service, access to Disney content that was on other digital platforms was disabled, those who had already acquired them do not lose their digital purchases and will be able to continue enjoying them on the platforms. where they were originally purchased.

On November 17, Disney Plus will be enabled through the official app on Android phones and iOS devices, as well as on smart screens of the most important brands, video game consoles and even web browsers, and you can have a free seven-day trial and then choose between a monthly subscription for 159 pesos or an annual subscription for 1,599 pesos, although if the latter is acquired until November 16, you will be able to access a promotional price of 1,359 pesos.


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